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A Turn of Events

Niklas was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he was startled when a Seraph stopped him as he rounded the corner for home. There was a small flurry of activity outside the front door, and his heart sank. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to take another route.” “I’m afraid I can’t, as […]

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Grave Rat

Argus sits in his little nook, a small room within the guild hall, tucked away along the water level. Maybe it was the calm waters, or the damp smell of the rocks, but he found this place most at home. He finishes cleaning his pistol, beginning to reassemble it, A trickling memory of a much […]

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Ground Work

The familiar smells and sounds of the Mad King’s festival was in the air, enough pumpkin scents to choke someone to death. The number of masked party goers made slipping into Divinity’s Reach all too simple, and finding the right party was even simpler. Argus slipped into the mansion practically undetected, slipping passed security and […]

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