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      February 12, 2023 at 3:49 pm #61437

      The following is cross-posted from our #vrpn-rules channel in Discord. These are the rules under which our community governs itself.


      VRPNetwork Rules

      1. Diversity, Inclusion, Safety, & Respect

      Respect fellow guildmates and gamers. Gamers, especially here in the VRPN, are from many walks of life. Step outside your bubble, strive to understand, honor boundaries, seek and maintain consent, and keep a chill gamer space.

      And to state clearly: The VRPN is LGBTQIA+ inclusive and opposed to bigotry and discrimination of any kind (bigotry including but not limited to sexism, racism, anti-semitism, etc.).

      Members are also expected to extend this philosophy to fellow gamers in all communities the VRPN takes part in.

      2. Keep Disagreements Constructive

      Disagreements happen. Stay constructive and work towards understanding. Also, do not add more conflict by intentionally starting or perpetuating it — this includes purposeful instigation with someone, inflaming conflict between others, or unproductively rumor mongering.

      In the case of disagreements publicly escalating in VRPN-moderated channels (e.g., Discord, in-game guild channels), Leads, Moderators, and Admins are responsible for deescalating situations and moderating channels. Respect this responsibility and take their intervention as notice that it’s time to constructively talk things out or mediate.

      3. Conflict Resolution is a Team Effort

      Everyone is expected to first try and resolve conflicts they start or are involved in. However, if there is an impasse or you don’t know what to do, don’t hesitate to ask for help or an impartial mediator (Lead, Moderator, Admin).

      Second, if you feel someone has crossed a line that makes you uncomfortable, try and talk to that person first. If you are unsure how or a talk does not relieve the discomfort, don’t hesitate to contact a Lead, Mod, or Admin. You are not alone.

      Finally, the need for a mediator is sometimes a necessary and even positive step. It’s not to be met with escalating conflict further. Feelings are valid and you’re part of a team — as such, members are expected to enter mediation with good-faith intent towards resolution.

      4. Be Excellent to Each Other

      In All Roleplay:

      • Do not meta, godmod, or break game/tabletop Lore.
      • Keep in-character and out-of-character lines separate.
      • This is not an ERP community — as such, solicitations of such activities towards fellow members is unwelcome. Seek such activities elsewhere. In addition, no NSFW art or writings are permitted in this space, and any such content by members outside this space cannot use others’ VRPN characters without explicit player consent. This also falls under our #1 rule.

      In All Gameplay:

      • Keep salty attitudes out of chat and gameplay.
      • Give and receive: Ask and learn as much as you reach out and help others.
      • Honor gameplay levels fellow guildies wish to have — be it casual or hardcore, bring your chill or A-game accordingly.

      5. Remember to Have Fun

      Remember: This is roleplay and game time — enjoy yourself and take breaks when you need to. This tenant applies to all levels of community involvement, from Newcomers to Guild Masters, and Moderators and Admins.

      And remember: Everyone is a volunteer and has many responsibilities outside the VRPN. Just as members will never be expected to commit more time than what is healthy to whichever communal activities they take part, the same applies to the gargantuan responsibilities of guild and community leaders. We’re all guildies here. Please respect fellow guildie boundaries and support necessary breaks in gameplay or communal duties as needs arise.

      Political Discussion Policy

      For years, we held a zero-tolerance “no political discussion” policy and enforced it. We thought it was the cornerstone of being a welcoming space. However, many political stances are synonymous with infringing the identity and basic human rights of targeted groups, and we do not stand for it.

      In the cases of political attacks on core parts of one’s identity — such as sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, etc. — we do not condone this vile behavior.

      In the cases of political attacks on one’s basic human rights — such as hate crimes, equality under the law, reproductive rights, etc. — we do not condone this vile behavior.

      Both are the control and subsequent violence towards fellow human beings, and it’s our responsibility to not be ignorant or silent in the face of this terrible reality. The bare baseline of a welcoming community must understand this and allow our fellow gamers’ voices and stories to be heard.


      • Topical news and subsequent discussions that affect one’s identity or human rights can be discussed in the member-only #news-forum.
      • Personal stories of figureheads, legislation, or political rhetoric infringing one’s identity or human rights can be shared in the member-only #share-in-the-light.

      Political discussion in VRPN channels outside the above contexts can approved by a Mod or Admin.

      Disciplinary Measures

      Disregarding the above results in the following:

      • Minor infractions result in a warning and probation
      • Major infractions result in removal from the community

      Severity is decided by team review of the infraction by at least one Lead, Mod, and Admin.

      What Is Probation?

      Probation can include terms such as:

      • Private apology for harm in inter-personal conflict
      • Public apology for harm to the VRPN community
      • Temporary removal of Discord and in-game chat privileges
      • Temporary benching from guild activities (PvE, RP, etc.)

      Conditions and length of probation depends on the severity of the offense.

      Note: Members who do not carry out the terms of their probation will be removed from the community.

      Final Important Notes

      Removed or departed members of the VRPN cannot return as members to the community. We will do everything we can to help you work within this community and removals or departures are not taken lightly, hence why they are complete and permanent.

      Thank You For Reading

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