Application For Inzein/Niesnie/Geistmane/Insein(Horde)/Chestielarue(Horde) in World of Warcraft

Applicant Information

  • What game are you applying for? World of Warcraft
  • What is your WoW Armory link?
  • What is your in-game name? Inzein/Niesnie/Geistmane/Insein(Horde)/Chestielarue(Horde)
  • How did you come to know about us? I might know you. <3

Previous Applicant Info

  • Have you previously been part of a TRGNetwork guild before? Yes
  • If yes, note why you are re-applying: I was removed due to long-term inactivity.
  • If yes, what was your previous TRGNetwork guild toon name? Insein

Player and Character Information

  • Introduce yourself, the player. HI, I want to try writing again.
  • Introduce your character. I'm still trying to feel out personalities and I would like to write and hopefully flesh them out to see what I like.
  • Yes, I have read the Code of Conduct. Yes

Comments (1)

  • April 3, 2021 at 9:46 pm
    Approved. This is a long-term member returning after a long absence. Her TRGN account is set up.

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