Application For Mandatum in World of Warcraft

Applicant Information

  • What game are you applying for? World of Warcraft
  • What is your WoW Armory link?
  • What is your in-game name? Mandatum
  • How did you come to know about us? I am friends with Harple and Etheral. They keep saying this is a great community and I am looking for a guild with the launch of Shadow Lands.

Previous Applicant Info

  • Have you previously been part of a TRGNetwork guild before? No

Player and Character Information

  • Introduce yourself, the player. Hi! I have been playing WoW on and off since April of 2006. In the past I've mostly played Horde but with the new expansion Harple has convinced me to jump over to the Alliance. I am looking for a guild that is social but also does raids, weekly mythic, and occasional pvp!
  • Introduce your character. Mandatum is a warlock who has always been tempted by power. It should be no surprise that he dabbled with the void to seek a way to enhance his powers after the restoration of the Sunwell. After he was saved from the void he followed Alleria and Umbric and pledged his loyalty to the Alliance.
  • Yes, I have read the Code of Conduct. Yes

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  • December 2, 2020 at 4:25 pm
    Application reviewed and accepted as of December 2, 2020.

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