Mission Report

Tue, Feb 13, 2018 ((Feb 7, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)<br/>
Conferring with allies: Kromrak

Emyla gives the team time to reflect on the insights into the Adintec Conspiracy, by sending them on a path quest in the Outlands. They meet Dindaro Stormthane, a Dvar mage, at the Sensates’ Sherbet Cottage in the woods. He’s trying to teach Samant to be a clown. Samant has been inside a mischievous artifact for too long: Levitia’s Brimming Box of Testing Tricksy Hats. The team goes inside, selects hats, and finds Samant. Samant is anxious and frustrated. The team practices clowning with him. First, they compete in a little chariot race against ratlings. Then, they perform juggling while on slacklines. Samant finds his confidence and thanks the team.
== Details ==
* Gatriel: You have been given much to consider, and you have choices to make.
* Emyla: While you reflect on this, you shall complete a Path Quest. It will help you center yourselves.
* Dindaro Stormthane (he/him) is a jovial Dvar mage. He wears layered robes of different fabrics in different hues of blue. He has pale white skin, a shaved head, and a beard braided with blue and silver jewelry. His fingers sport quite a lot of similar jewelry. Dindaro’s bare head is tattooed with arcane runes.
* Proud Flame asides – “Just grope him. He’ll know you’re here to visit.” Ooh. Syl snark.
* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi chuckles despite herself at that.
* Isabelica: Belica’s suit immediately off, she’s now wearing a sparkly cottagecore dress and her hair is adorable
* Isabelica: She picks a bunch of flowers and starts weaving a flower crown
* Sylvena rolls her eyes at Proud and flips him off behind her back. It is a distinctly Sylvi guesture.
* Jane Irwin: “…Can I have one, Isabelica?” Jane asks, letting Stygi up a tree.
* Isabelica: Belica makes one for Jane and for Stygi
* Jane Irwin: Stygi has a happy squirrel breakdown over flower crown and also, TREES!
* Isabelica: Belica is extremely happy to be in dresses and have her hair down again
* Proud Flame assumes the guise of a can-can girl – his colors, of course – but in a sweeping high-front skirt, corset, fans, feathers, the whole nine yards. And he sticks his tongue out at Jane. “I /do/ look good.”
* Isabelica: Belica gives Proud a flower crown
* Proud Flame is inordinately pleased.
* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi sits next to Isabelica and begins weaving a flower crown, too. Absently, amid weaving, she invisibly adjusts parts of Bellica’s clothing so she moves quieter. Her leathers are in shades of greens and brown, tight layers covered by loose half-skirts and the long dark cloak. Her eyes a vivid green, freckles across her pale features, she is much more inclined to smiles and mischief.
* Shiro shuffles around uncomfortably, unused to illusions. He fidgets with a “braclet’ on his wrist and frequently turns his eyes to the sky, studying the clouds as if they were screens – which they may be to the dragonborn
* Jane Irwin: Jane, in the Chain: Oh no, I like him.
* Levitia is a famous artificer who created unusual magical toys
* Dindaro: My family has history with Samant’s clan
* Samant the storm giant, wanted to join the Circus Divergia as a clown.
* Made a deal: had to complete three tasks. #1: Piece of his soul taken, used to create a graven hulk. #2: Ambush and kill Raptor Blue in Theros
* Instead, Sylvena arranged for him to study clowning with the Society of Sensation
* Levitia’s Brimming Box of Testing Tricksy Hats
* Proud Flame watchis his robes with the sort of big eyes Dreamworks makes movies about. That’s… acquisitive. Oh dear.
* Isabelica: Belica is looking for Samant and also her fidget flower crown is getting really big
* Shiro figures out the activation phrase
* DM: Keyword: Infinite potential
* Kromrak and Max dealing with a message from K’s allies
* Proud Flame asides – “Did you guys know on Earth there’s a sort of .. museum of all official clowns everywhere, where you paint your makeup on an Egg to keep forever.”
* Bronislav: The principles of clowning are: (1) Whimsy and surprise, (2) Character, (3) Costume, (4) Face, (5) Go big, (6) Improvision, (7) Collaboration, and (8) Physical comedy.
* Proud Flame liiiiicks his own hand. Then absently swipes it across Jane’s cheek.
* Jane Irwin: Jane blargleargleklajshdflkasd’s and elbows him.
* Aedin: This is… highly unusual.
* Proud Flame grins at Aedin. “you should come with us, as best you can. Who knows what hat you’d choose?”
* Jane Irwin: “It’s definitely a new experience.”
* Sherbet Cottage
* Proud Flame , not noted for his restraint, *bounces.*
* Proud Flame (I mean, cats and boxes.)
* Isabelica: Belica def made Aedin a flower crown but didn’t force him to take it
* Brutus (Eldritch Cannon Shiro’s): A tech persons mask/veil
* Aedin: In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig writes, “The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”
* Isabelica: Belica gets a tiara made of tiny pink illusionary flowers because she would be an illusionist
* Sylvena: Sylvena’s hat is an elegant, brimmed hat that is made of expensive-looking, matte cream and black material. When she runs her hand along the brim, colorful flowers and lush leaves sprout out of it.
* Aedin dons a captain’s hat
* Jane Irwin: Jane goes almost immediately for a brown leather one, a la Outback style.
* Phobos: Sherlock Holmes deerstalker
* Proud Flame looks around until he finds a black, cowboy-syled, flat-topped hat, with a silver-tipped leather tie, battered and dusty.
* Lum: mini red fez with chin strap
* (Isabelica): ooc im adding on belica says something about how authority is like necromancy. It can be powerful because it is feared, but to the souls that get another chance to settle their affairs, it is a great kindness.
* Samant: I can’t find my clown soul.
* Isabelica: Belica is pulling hats and hovering them above Samants head and confering with Lum if they work with his complexion or not
* Belica puts a sherlock hat on Samant
* Isabelica: Take it from us! Shes an expert on performers and I’m an expert on souls!
* Sylvena: That is very true.
* Isabelica: belica takes the sherlock hat off and puts on a warm wooly and comfortable hat
* Isabelica: belica replaces the hat with the flower crown she made outside
* Jane Irwin: Jane rubs her chin. “Storm giant… hmm…”
* Aedin: Sherlock Holmes said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
* Jane Irwin: “Good idea, Aedin.”
* (1) Pie-throwing against the ratlings. (2) Tiny carriage race: outracing the ratlings. (3) Ladder climb: how high can you get? (4) Animal taming: giant bunnies. (5) Slackline.
* Jane summons 36 rats
* Proud Flame leans down – where he got rouge who the hell knows? But he *rouges the terrible bird’s beak.* … and does its eyes.
* Proud Flame: Celeste, the Pretty Bird! Make sure you flirt with the rats pulling the other carriage.
* Isabelica: Belica glows extra so shes basically just a wisp
* Isabelica: Belica is ready to cause chaos
* Lyndi says through the chain – whispering though she doesn’t have to – “Shiro, be prepared to hack the rats if we need to, but no offensive actions yet.”
* Shiro: “Rodger” through the chain
* Isabelica: Belica grabs a pie and is eating it while we continue
* Isabelica: belica is sitting on a slack line high above eating a pie and cheering. looking closer, you see she is actually hovering above the slackline instead of sitting on it.
* Lyndi slings her arm around Proud’s waist, grinning up at him as they move through the box. “That was much fun.”
* Proud Flame wraps his arm around her in turn. “It really was.”
* Samant chooses a white, tight hood to match his outfit
* Isabelica: Belica gives him a big hug
* Isabelica: well, as big as she can give
* Proud Flame trades his out for an old-fashioned cavalier’s hat.. with a great white plume, and a gold band. This.. he sets on his head, and arranges just-so.
* Isabelica: Belica changes for a soft looking metal flower crown with jewel pink roses and hidden thorns
* Jane Irwin: Jane trades her hat for the one that Aedin liked. Stygi takes a little knit cat shaped like an acorn.
* Sylvena keeps her hat.
* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi keeps her hat.
* Aedin: In The Wind in the Willows, the author writes, “But Mole stood still a moment, held in thought. As one wakened suddenly from a beautiful dream, who struggles to recall it, but can recapture nothing but a dim sense of the beauty in it, the beauty! Till that, too, fades away in its turn, and the dreamer bitterly accepts the hard, cold waking and all its penalties.”
* Lyndi tells Samant that he can go to the Tower if he needs help
* Lyndi gives letter to Dindaro to deliver, then send word to Danja that it’s done
* Sylvena asks Samant to relay anything he remembers about the Circus to Estelle

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