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Wed, Feb 14, 2018 ((Feb 28, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae), Kromrak (DM)

The team leaves Temerity and Horochanz in Ravnica, then jumps to Marlene’s Citadel. The station has been cleaned up. The team finds 75 slaves in cryo sleep. They finish their arrangement with Aedin, including some questions and discussion. Aedin will help ground Adinzar in Amonkhet. He gives Marlene’s Citadel to Raptor Blue. The team removes the slave chips from the slaves without waking them. They find one dead body, on which Jane casts True Resurrection. Marc Jean Marie is a Kalashtar warlock (he/him) in the Fraternity of Order. Lyndi convinces Marc Jean to stay with the slaves and work with New Amonkhet to get them home. Aedin moves the station to Daysahren.

== Details ==

* Per Lyndi’s order, Max has place commendations in the files for Jane, Sylvena and Shiro for the combined hack of the fungus.
* Horochanz and Temerity left in Ravnica to monitor
* Horochanz moves visibly and tries to gather intel
* Temerity keeps a deep orbit and monitors
* (Fart hijinks)
* Kromrak is still quiet and thoughtful about their experiences at 86G and stays on the Tardigrade
* Shiro 2.0: ((Special thing about Chikara is that they’re less a spirit and more a really advanced drone. She has some level of thought but only to act without direct orders and to hack efficently and Shiro can just clone Chikara if she’s destroyed))
* Proud Flame: This is for future planning – IIRC the station is not currently active, however?
* 23 slaves in cryo in SE room
* 17 slaves in cryo in NE room
* 2 damaged pods in NE room
* One dead slave in a cryo pod in NW
* 75 surviving slaves total
* 2 slaves were killed while Aedin’s forces took the station. Per their religion, he recycled their bodies into hydroponics
* Marlene was a goblin spiritual leader. Station was commercial refueling station. Then monastery. Then LRC seized
* Lyndi and Jane are linked to Adinzar, which can now track them
* Aedin: This station cannot remain here, or the LRC will reclaim it. You may have this station. I will move it where you wish. Perhaps Sigil Space, or Earth.
* Discussion of moving the station to Amonkhet
* Shiro and Sylvena intel loot the station
* The team de-chips the slaves without waking them
* Isabelica: Belica writes little messages to each of the slaves in a pink pen on their cryo pods
* Station will go to New Amonkhet
* Slaves ketp in cryo
* Isabelica: And one to the prince of New Amonkhet saying Hi on a whiteboard somewhere
* Then routed to their homes, only awakened in flight, to preserve secret location of Daysahren
* LRC sent automated ship to check on station, Aedin seized it, used drones to repair and clean station
* Jane wants to plant a Tardigrade acorn next to Adinzar
* Aedin: The slaves from the Shatterclaw Woods on Tessera were trafficked through Ramshead, Marlene’s Citadel, and then to Ravnica. Some were kept at Ramshead to staff the fort, and they were freed when the Unbroken Tide seized the fort. The remaining slaves were sent to Durika’s Dome, a remote stronghold of the Cult of Rakdos, on Ravnica Prime. Durika Dunhall is a dwarf lich who’s famous for breaking and training slaves to work in Cult performances. Durika is on the guest list for the grand ball on Feb 16.
* Proud Flame will work to pinpoint this stronghold with the information from the computers on the station/records.
* Kalashtar, he/him cis, warlock
** Jane casts True Resurrection
** Marc Jean Marie
** Fraternity of Order, out of Sigil
* Lyndi the Chainbreaker
* Marc Jean declares vengeance on the LRC, was a merchant marine on a Fraternity of Order ship hit by the LRC
* Marc Jean explains that there are posters of Lyndi and Proud in Sigil
* Proud Flame quietly preps a movie-style poster… with Lyndi front and center, and the rest of the cast in supporting roles.
* Lyndi directs Marc Jean to let the Fraternity know to connect with the the Collegium
* Isabelica: belica is muttering about how lyndi just gets prophets and belicas been doing good deed for years now and yet no one is like “omb you’re soo cool lemme put posters of you everywhere” no they all think gruff lyndi is cool and i have wings and come on
* Jane Irwin: Jane pats Isabelica, consolingly.
* Proud Flame points out, amused – “You need more sparkle.”
* Isabelica: i send cards to the people i help and chocolates to the kids but noooo gruff lyndi who doesnt even wear a cute scrunchie smh
* Isabelica: Belica AGGRESIVELY glitters
* Proud Flame nods. “Better!”
* Isabelica: Belica VIOLENTLY glitters
* Isabelica: Belica will later drop a pamphlet about “Ressurection and You” describing how to PROPERLY ressurect someone

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