Mission Report

Wed, Feb 14, 2018 ((Mar 14, 2021))
Team: Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)
Doing Strategy: Lyndi, Kromrak
The team departs the now-empty system of Marlene’s Citadel. Lyndi and Kromrak huddle on strategy and intel. The rest of the team celebrates Jane’s birthday with cupcakes (from Max), punch (from Rictus), dancing, and charades. The Horochanz and Temerity are still on station near Ravnica Prime. The heroes ride Bronislav down to a location in a rubble belt where they can meet a Gruul Clan contact. On route, they see the Tenth District (where the party will be) and the site for the graven hulk. In the rubble belt, they meet Juvante Kell (he/him), a nature cleric tiefling and roving member of the Gray Crows clan of the Gruul. Juvante tentatively makes friends with the heroes, then enlists their help to deal with Angry Ron. Ron ate a mechadead rhino and it’s disagreeing with him.

== Details ==

* Proud determines the precise location Caterina’s armada and shares that intel with the T’Aramont Navy

* At the party, Isabelica chooses an Abyssal song called, “I hate my parents”
* Jane chooses Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
* Belica teaches Almundenan dancing. It involves a lot of pulling off your limbs? its not an earth thing. Belica says those who are still alive use illusion magic for it and teaches the illusion to the magic users.
* Belica 100% plays charades but she doesnt guess well bc her first thoughts are space things not earth games
* Belica wins at charades
* Belica wants to give jane a big hug
* Jane Irwin: Jane will accept hugs. Sniffle a little.

* Imperial Navy has been mobilized to defend Sigil Space
* DM: Plan for Ravnica: Get Belica get to the heart of the hulk, assume command of the hulk, empower the wurm. Lyndi can divine channel and free the souls from the bloodstones
** Heart team: Lyndi & Belica
** Head team: Proud & Shiro
** Wurm: Kromrak & Jane. Flex: Sylvena
* Brother Iron attended a conclave on Arborea
* Wurms partly live off eating the traces of thoughts and feelings
* Sylvena looks briefly uncomfortable as they start inspecting the parts with the graven hulk, but it is quick and she does not comment on it.
* Demonstration site
** The control towers are a layer network to promote obediance
* Jane recommends that Max find “enrichment” for Bron

* The meeting site has an apparently-invincible frozen puddle of necrotic metal
* Jane attracts and chat with a 6 legs, 2 tails squirrel thing
* Clansman arrives; Juvante Kell, tiefling cleric (he/him)
* Jane gives 6 leathmens and a care guide
* Belica was also taught fist bumps so this is now Janes thing
* Juvante gives Jane a tube of elemental narcotic dust
* Juvante is deciding whether to give Jane a necklace of gems from across Ravnica, or a necklace of trophies from a dead clanswoman
* The wurm’s name is Mama Green Crunch
* Traveler followers among the clans: Smoke Dancers
* Juvante’s clansman lifted a digital camera from Caterina’s party, with a picture of a mechadead rhino
* Lifted from Iatro Veritris

* Angry Rob the Spinosaurus
* Team sneaks up
* Sylvena polymorphs Jane into T-rex, Jane talks Rob into being checked out
* Rhino is apparently broken but still kicking

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