Mission Report

Wed, Feb 14, 2018 ((Mar 21, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)<br/>
Doing Strategy: Kromrak

The heroes help Angry Rob. Belica puts the mechadead rhino in stasis, then Sylvena uses ”Animate Object” to cause it to wiggle out. Proud finishes it off. Juvante agrees to an alliance with Raptor Blue. The team puts the rhino corpse on the Horochanz for study by Belica, Rictus, and Mikell. The team regroups on the Tardigrade. They make a plan to subvert the demonstration, capture Caterina, and replace her with Sylvena in disguise. The first major step will be intercepting a Rakdos caravan of slaves and beasts traveling from Durika’s Dome to the demonstration site.

== Details ==

* Jane Irwin: “Not everyone is designed with built in cleats and extra big lungs for oxygenation and tails that minimize torque in turning, Proud.”
* Juvante gives Jane a Gruul locket, to communicate with him telepathically
* Gruul offers ~12 paranormal heroes, ~36 irregulars
* Mechadead rhino goes to Horochanz for analysis. Isabelica goes with it
* Kromrak is returning to the surface to muster other allies

* Durika’s Dome is nearly on the other side of Ravnica from the 10th District and demo site
* Max: On Fri, Feb 16, the Sigil delegation will conclude their negotiations with the Ravnica guilds. A grand ball will follow, starting at 6 pm in the evening. The Azorius Senate is hosting. The event will be a celebration of new treaties and farewell to the delegation. The ball will be held in the Tenth District Plaza. A temporary glass ballroom will be built for the occasion. Nine guilds will be present. (The tenth guild, the Gruul Clans, wasn’t part of the negotiations.) Tenth District Plaza is respected among the guilds as neutral ground.
* Max: At 9 pm, Duchess Berrett will lead a demonstration of adintec. Prior to that, all guests will be invited to travel to the edge of a nearby rubblebelt. (The city of Ravnica covers most of the planet, but rubblebelts are areas of semi-wilderness.) Stands have been built high above the rubblebelt. There will be skyships to shuttle guests between the ball and the demonstration, or guests can make their own arrangements.
* Max: Fated will release armed prisoners, beasts, and monsters into the killzone to be converted by Seeds of Calamity
* Bron: Syldanaia: a transplanar being. It can create a living bridge between two or more points anywhere in the multiverse. The Syldanaia are enormous, ancient Fae creatures who are secretive and mysterious. They have aided armies invade and saved refugees from natural disasters. However, their involvement and even their existence has been kept secret, partly through the will of some gods and their most trusted followers.
* Bron: Nicol Bolas had the True Name of a Syldanaia. He planned to force the living bridge to bring his undead army from Amonkhet to Ravnica.
* Bron: Caterina Berrett has been hunting for the True Name. We believe she’s found it.
* Bron explains that he’s been under orders from his gods to fight with Raptor Blue, to stop the spread of the True Name of a Syldanaia
* Seeds of Calamity is 220 feet crown to sole, but moves hunched, so closer to 190 feet. The stands are closer to 250 feet high.
* Perfidy’s family, enslaved by LRC and sold to Rakdos, will be in the killzone as beast handlers.
* The stands include a prominent platform at the front, for Caterina to address the crowd during the demo
* Seeds of Calamity is based 6 blocks from the killzone in an abandoned art gallery. Contractors from the Izzet League are working for the Orzhov Syndicate on final prep
* Seeds is supposed to move at the start of the ball, to be in position for the demonstration
* The airspace and orbital space above the demonstration site will be no-fly before, during, and after the demo by guild assent
* Bron in dragonbot form can be hidden in illusion to look like something Gruul-like
* Shiro’s assembler hacking can be applied to the Reaver ships in Caterina’s armada
* slaves and beasts from Durika’s Dome are already on the move, as a slow caravan across Ravnica to the demo site

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