Mission Report

Thu, Feb 15, 2018 ((Apr 18, 2021))<br/>
Team: Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Sielic), Sylvena (Dae), Isabelica (Basil, 2nd half)<br/>
Accompanies the tin soldiers to the Conclave: Lyndi

Shiro sets explosives on the Arrow of Sildan. The team evacs. They watch from a distance as two LRC Kikai ships investigate the derelict. Bronislav detonates the explosives. The blast severely damages one ship and puts both on alert. The team transfers the tin soldiers to the Temerity and regroups on the Tardigrade. Max briefs them on an op in the Outlands. The team brings the tin soldiers to the Conclave at Dvarholm to testify about slavery. Then the team assaults a demonic cultist facility in a nearby mountain.

== Details ==

* Max: It’s Thursday, Feb 15, 2018.
* Max: Hot Objective: Resolve the situation aboard the Arrow of Sildan

* Ravnica wildspace, near the crystal sphere wall
* Your fleet includes the Tardigrade, Bronislav, the Horochanz, and Temerity. The Tardigrade and Temerity are cloaked.
* Aboard the Tardigrade: Raptor Blue (including Max Witkey), Bronislav (when not flying overwatch), Chuck Nielson ((Ari)), Magnus (gryphon rider) & Skyfall (his gryphon), Ordin Zarn (traumatized bard), Oskar (uplifted metal tree), Res (taciturn ranger), Rictus ((Razas/SchizoClarity))
* Aboard the Horochanz: Skyblue 9
* Aboard Temerity: Ruby Bridges, Mikell Pavlovich (talnoksi golemancer/tynker)

* At the moment, you’re aboard the Arrow of Sildan
* You have four liberated mechadead tin soldiers, lead by Miyasaki
* Miyasaki Etsuko, triton (she/her): Vedalken, follower of Erebos, captured and put into a bloodstone. Triton is the body raised as mechadead: artificer Elira Tabitha Lygon.
* The team takes the cargo of advanced weapons, armor, and ammo
* Jane locks the cursed knives in axe
* Proud tries to spoof sensor data so that the Arrow’s design looks inherently flawed
* 4 LRC troopers board the derelict
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro’s explosives are initially small, but when armed they unfold into the size of a fist. They look like beetles almost, with insect-like eggs and antenna. As with all Shiro’s glamor tech they blend into the material they’re set on, though not as fluidly as to disappear completely. They have large tail ends that glow a dangerous red when armed and the “eyes” flash rapidly in the split seconds before it goes off.
* Shiro leaves a drone behind to monitor the LRC salvage op

* Team drops tin soldiers at Temerity. Ruby scans them
* It’s late afternoon Ravnica time
* Proud tasks Max with using the new data from the Arrow of Sildan to improve the Tardigrade and the team’s readiness to fight LRC
* Jane gives Rictus the cursed knives to study and hopefully cleanse
* Max briefs the team on their next op
* Max and Ordin Zarn
* Time in the phylactery did deep damage
* The divine intervention in the Fulcrum Moment restored Ordin’s life, but not all his mind
* Been piecing together broken mind
* Found some pieces that don’t make sense, asked for help from Ruby Bridges
* Ruby Bridges: Certain memories and information have been removed by demonic magic
* Identified a demonic cult in Sigil, traced to a cave system in the Outlands
* DM: Party taking short rest.
* Ruby gives each tin soldier an assembler tag, IDing them as friends of the Rebellion
* Lyndi will accompany the tin soldiers as they testify

* Tardigrade jumps to the Outlands, with Bron carrying the mechadead
* The landing field outside Dvarholm is like a fair
* Proud Flame eyes the storytellers with undisguised longing.
* Proud Flame ‘s coat has been remade into a sweeping, white-and-gold affair, with the dancer’s sigils noticibly /shiny/. All the impressions, after all.
* Whurnas Anviltan, Khenra (she/her), comes to fan about Raptor Blue and especially Bronislav
* Proud Flame grins widely behind Kromrak.
* Gisgreala Trollbelt, Dvar (she/her), Commodore of the landing field at Dvarholm, takes charge of Lyndi and the mechadead
* Proud Flame somehow manages to find something deep fried, really bad for him, vaguely lizard shaped … on a stick.
* Brouzmirika Lightbeard, proprietor of Lightbeard’s Brews (coffee etc.)
* Proud Flame: You know. These pushers are the same on every world.
* Proud Flame: This one uses her supply, though, so, y’know.
* Jane uses the whole team to obtain Deep Smoky Black coffee beans
* Kromrak swaps Tide intel drives with a contact
* Belica wants to solidify the mechadeads’ sentience
*Belica leads with Wish, Shiro and Sylvena help with tech
* Shiro reverses the implant to be an intelligence enhancer
* Isabelica [Celestial]: [Translation] May your pain ease soon
* Isabelica: Let me know if I can help you further
* Isabelica: Belica is here for her besties
* Proud Flame leaves his spacesuit on the ship, either way, relishing in the freedom of motion.
* Proud Flame … hmphs. “Jane. If my fur doesn’t go back to it’s /good colors/ after this, I’ma be /annoyed/.”
* Jane Irwin: “Shhh, you’re still pretty, don’t worry.”
* Jane Irwin: Jane tilts her head back for a moment, smelling rain on the cold storm breeze. Ahhhhhh. Nature. She does love a good storm.
* Grease paint on faces serving demon

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