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Thu, Feb 15, 2018 ((Apr 25, 2021))<br/>

Team: Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Dae), Sylvena (Dae)<br/>

Fighting in the Swift: Proud (DM), Isabelica (DM)<br/>

Accompanies the tin soldiers to the Conclave: Lyndi


The team is engaged by the cultists and takes hard hits early. Then they hit back with Wall of Force and Dark Star, killing most of the cultists. The heroes regroup and reposition. They spring from the Swift and ambush the remaining cultists. Jane rescues two of the death dogs, purging them of blue psychic goo. The team is contacted by the tyrant of the outpost: the Fallen blue dragon Mirvodin the Heartrender. Mirvodin offers a deal: the Raptors can receive the full Bloodstone Prophecy, in exchange for leaving the outpost and never returning.


== Details ==


* Sylvena: “I feel like fighting in an elevator never benefits us,” says Sylvena.

* Brutus (Eldritch Cannon Shiro’s): Shiro grunts as a dog slams up against his shield. “Perhaps we should try a staircase next time.”

* Belica and Proud are fighting foes in the Swift

* Isabelica and Proud shift to the Swift to detect and engage threats there

* Jane Irwin: The Heart and the tattoos on Jane’s arm glow the same pulsing shade of purple-black, the color limming the wounds on the shredded arm.

* Wall of Force + Dark Star = enemies thoroughly blended

* Belica reports that a powerful presence in the Swift, in the lower level, is giving attention to the team

Proud reports that gridside there are 2 soldiers and 2 death dogs

* Jane uses Greater Restoration to remove the psychic influence from the death dog

* Jane uses Greater Restoration to remove the psychic influence from the death dog

* Jane brings the second death dog back to life and removes the psychic control goo

* Shiro recognizes Mirvodin (n20)

* Mirvodin the Heartrender, ancient blue dragon who has Fallen to service with demonlords and wields great psychic power

* Isabelica reports that there are diviner brains in jars in the level below

* Granny Bones recognizes Mirvodin as a metallic that Fell through pride in being an information broker, working out of the Abyss

* Mirvodin likes to play every side against the other

* “It doesn’t matter if it’s a good idea or not. We’re going to do it!”

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