Mission Report

Thu, Feb 15, 2018 ((May 9, 2021))<br/>
Team: Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Dae), Sylvena (Dae), Proud (DM), Vae’gaun (Razas)<br/>
Fighting in the Swift: Isabelica (DM)<br/>
Accompanies the tin soldiers to the Conclave: Lyndi

The team decides to fight Mirvodin. In the instant attack, there is a Fulcrum Moment and Vae’gaun arrives to assist. Most of the heroes transform into dragons. Jane casts ”Maim” to create a vulnerability to slashing. The team easily kills Mirvodin’s followers and then battle the Fallen blue from all sides. They slowly wear Mirvodin down, until Jane tears out their throat. The heroes revert to humanoid form and regroup. They cautiously explore the outpost and deface the enchanted Abyssal symbols painted on the walls. The team finds Mirvodin’s tainted horde and decide to give it’s location to the Unbroken Tide. They find a data center with LRC-provided tech. They find a room filled with diviners’ brains in Abyssal-marked jars.

== Details ==

* Lyndi is at Dvarholm at the Conclave on slavery
* Belica is staying Swiftside for now
* Vae’gaun looks around. “Hm. I see we’re having a dragon day.”
* Proud Flame asides to Kromrak – “… y’know. I think I’m good with being small. Hard to sneak when you’re fifty feet long and stomp.”
* Vae’gaun pats suddenly Large Jane. “Good to see you. All of you.”
* Jane Irwin: In the Chain, there’s a rush of affection toward Vaegun. “Good to see our favorite creepy man as well! Look, I’m a dragon. I’m gonna eat this cocky fucker for my god damn breakfast.”
* Kromrak 2.0: Kromrak nods to Proud Flame. “We will have great cover underneath the wings of our allies.”
* Proud Flame: (chain) We are absolutely in the middle of a boris vallejo painting, and I couldn’t be happier. I need to be wearing just a loincloth and laying at your claws provocatively.
* Shiro 2.0: Shrio snorts and the air knocks over some stray boulders. “Dragons are superior in this fight.” He pauses and amusement drifts through the chain. “And in my case, it is always dragon day.”
* Vae’gaun laughs quietly, then looks at the big blue dragon.
* Shiro 2.0: “Dragon scales make /great/ crafting materials. It will be a joy creating artifacts out of yours.”
* Belica thwards Mirvodin’s psychic attacks via the Swift
* Angel of Brightmantle (Angalia)
* Proud Flame: (chain) Remember when those .50’s wen t /through/ you?
Jane Irwin: “Vividly. There’s a reason I picked going mano-a-mano NOT at myself. Besides, why be a two-legger when you could be a fucking dragon?”
* Belica continues stopping Mirvodin from Swift nonsense
* Belica reports that Mirv is drawing power from the brains in jars
* Vae’gaun: Proud, it might get even more crowded here shortly.
* Kromrak 2.0: `Chain: We’re tipping the scales, Proud.
* Proud Flame [Common]: Chain: … so apparently that’s like cow tipping, just two stories tall and breathes lightning.
* Vae’gaun ‘s toothy wing tentacles gently pat where Proud is.
* Belica is working on severing Mirv’s link to the diviners’ brains
* Kromrak 2.0: Chain: Proud, I did not know you could be such a fraidy cat.
* Vae’gaun shifts down to his normal form.
* Proud Flame will, while the rest are healing or otherwise doing things – quietly move to the giant corpse. There? He’ll drive Legends of Daring into the Dragon’s heart – and speak in elvish, invoking the Dancer, and dedicating the dragon kill, in part, to him.
* Vae’gaun: “So, downstairs?”
* Vae’gaun scratches the side of his cheek with one massive index claw
* Proud Flame || There is something ineffable about that pat on the shoulder or touch on the arm as Proud moves by – something that lightens the spirit, and leaves behind a song repeating in your brain. In this case? It’s *black hole sun* for some reason.
* Team finds the tainted horde of the fallen blue dragon Mirvodin
* Team decides to arrange for the Tide to collect it
* Sylvena takes some of the art
* Two canvases
* Kromrak finds Dvar-made manacles
* Vae takes a purple saphire skull
* Data center is LRC tec
* Vae’gaun waves to Raptor Blue. “Have to return to the Far Realm. Good to see all of you again. Be well.” He curls the skull in one arm, and the corpse he was inhabiting falls to the floor. Vae’gaun has left this dimension.

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Campaign: Edgewar
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