Mission Report

Thu, Feb 15, 2018 ((May 16, 2021))<br/>
Team: Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Proud (Aunne), Isabelica (Basil), Kromrak (DM), Sylvena (DM)<br/>
Accompanies the tin soldiers to the Conclave: Lyndi

There are 81 brains in the dark network. The team realizes the diviners may be saved from death through advanced healing magic or magitec. Isabelica recommends teleporting the network, intact, to her kingdom of Santisteban. Isabelica and Jane make that happen, while Shiro and Proud loot the data and tec specs from the LRC data node. Angalia (angel of Brightmantle) travels with the brains to ensure containment and treatment. Then Jane communicates with the demon dogs, who choose to roam free in the Outlands. The team returns to Dvarholm. Jane and Isabelica have a surprise meeting with Dvar Grand Admiral Rumolin Beastbuckle, whose family has a secret honor debt to the Duergar. Shiro and Proud explore the party in the landing field. Shiro participates in a battle bot championship and wins.

== Details ==

* Max: We’re turning the facility and the treasure over to the Unbroken Tide.
* Max: The Aegis Database suggests that Mirvodin’s psychic control of their followers was based on the blue goo we keep finding. It was a likely a gift from a ruling demonlord when Mirvodin fell from Tiamat’s service to the Abyss.
* Belica’s people could help the brains in jars
* Bottle of Holding has the 86G fungus
* Diviner network is powered by a bloodstone
* Belica and Lyndi can eventually purify the bloodstone
* Belica remembers that the diviners’ collective at the Axis of Elusive Truths in Sigil can help repatriate the restored diviners
* Some of the diviners are enemies of RB and their allies
* Dark network sent to Santisteban
* Proud and Shiro pull data and tec specs from the LRC data node
* Angalia goes with the teleport circle! to ensure nothing goes amiss
* Proud and Kromrak ensure there are no bad surprises for the Tide when they arrive
* Jane offers the demon dogs the choice to run free in the Outlands
* Kromrak arranges for the spoils of the blue dragon corpse to be shipped to RB
* Cadet Sargetelin Bristleaxe (Dvar she/her), asks Jane and Isabelica to meet with Grand Admiral Rumolin Beastbuckle (she/her)
* Jane Irwin: Jane looks incredibly nonchalant, as much as she can, despite the (somewhat rinsed) blood all over her, her shredded jacket, and the new healed injuries on her formerly shredded arm. Stygi grooms her mess of black hair.
* Proud Flame through the Chain: “Hey, Jane! Want anything from the party? I mean, it’s not like you’re doing DIPLOMACY or anything.”
* Jane Irwin: Chain: I HAVE REGRETS, There’s some military bigshot wanting to talk, end my suffering
* Jane Irwin: Chain: Get more coffee please
* Proud Flame: Sure! After I go dancing. Maybe find a nice lady to dance with. And have cotton candy!
* Dvar Triumvirate includes: military, merchant, clerical, with a crafting rep nearby
DM: * Kromrak and Sylvena stay with Bron
* Nesnock Hagibss is here, running the gambling
* Shiro enters the battle bot tournament under his SigilNet social media handle
* Proud Flame has three goals: 1. Count coup on the LRC by takin’ their stuff. Nothing specific here, just… stuff from their pockets. IDs, ship keys, and if anything interesting gest found? so much the better. 2. Thieve stuff from teh Thieves. Who’s better? Them or him – and desperate ones, the ones who look like they’re struggling? Maybe young’ns or the like – well, those he’ll arrange a meeting with after the fight. 3. He’s (as always) looking for any member of the People.
* Admirable has 3 cadets: server, runner, taking notes
* Proud Flame through the Chain: “… I like those military folks (never thought I’d say that) /and/ the clerics. Ha! Remind them that everything deserves a destiny of their own choosing, Jane.”
* Military wants to fight LRC and other slavers to improve Dvar miltec and reputation
* Clergy says Mordinsamman says freedom good, and if slavery is allowed, some Dvar will be in chains
* Goliath and Fiend : LRC rogues that Proud laps
* Novice rogues: Khenra and Changeling
* Khenra (he/him), jokester, center of attention
* Changeling (she/her), nervous but good fundamentals
* Shiro uses Warding Bond on Brutus
* Brutus is glowing
* Sparkly effects on both bots (street fight graffiti vibe)
* Shiro’s opponent is a Bugbear Tynker
* Dorn (he/him)
* Gnarljak and Oaken Bolter

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Campaign: Edgewar
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