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Team: Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Sielic), Isabelica (Basil), Farida (Kitsunewill), Vae’gaun (Razas)

Some of the Raptors are transported to Earth by Emyla’s magic, and joined by Vae’gaun. General John Lincoln was attacked by a psychic enemy, putting him in a coma. Daria Blake (psychomancer) recruited the Raptors to enter Lincoln’s mind and defeat the enemy. They found a foggy version of the Chrome Anubis Club, crossed with a monstrous machine that produced soldiers. Later, the club was crossed with memories of the oil fires during the first Gulf War (Desert Storm). The team fought beetle-like slaves of the machine and freed a young version of Lincoln. Then they fought faces of the enemy and the “Mindmaster” to free an older version of Lincoln. The Mindmaster proved to be Iatro Veritris, the Emerald Cavalier. He was torturing Lincoln to find out why the Reavers want to get to Cryos. The team defeated Iatro and reunited Lincoln’s psyche.

== Details ==

* The Chrome Anubis Club has Egyptian decorations, and Farida sees similarities to Amonkhet

* The Council is meeting the next day to discuss Raptor Blue’s recent reports

* Nails wants to ensure the rest of the Council doesn’t learn of Lincoln’s infirmity

* Servants of the Machine say things like:

** “We need to better leverage the pain tolerance of human assets under duress”

** “Fidelity to the mission must ensure performance readiness”

** “This will have a negative impact on the force depletion summaries”

* Farida rips machinery away and frees young Lincoln

* Iatro was projecting into the Swift from somewhere else

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