Mission Report

Thu, Feb 15, 2018 ((Jun 13, 2021))<br/>
Team: Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Proud (Aunne), Isabelica (Basil), br/>
Accompanies the tin soldiers to the Conclave: Lyndi, Kromrak, Sylvena

While Lyndi, Kromrak, and Sylvena finish attending the Dvaren Conclave, the rest of the team travels to Earth. Admiral Beastbuckle has provided intel to Nails about a person of interest. Ramon Crane is a lawyer and precog, and Nails was arranging for him to join Raptor Blue. However, cultists of Tiamat intercepted a message and misled Crane to a mine in Canada. Using Dvaren planeshift magic, the team arrives at the mine. They defeat a force of cultists. An Abishai named Zuniz arrives, with Crane imprisoned. Isabelica bargains Zuniz. Among Mirvodin’s dark network of brains is Doumdungrid Grayblade (she/her), a Dvar follower of Tiamat. Raptor Blue will restore Grayblade and deliver to her to the cultists. The cultists will turn over Crane and his love, Daphne Reynolds (she/her, human). Farwatch will contain the cultists until the exchange is possible, and then ensure that the cultists leave Earth.

== Details ==

* Kromrak, Lyndi, and Sylvena are focused on the debate in the Conclave
* Proud is with the team but quiet for now
* Ramon Crane, lawyer, precog
* Went to an abandoned mine in northern Saskatchewan, Canada
* Admiral gives the team homing runestones, +2
* DM: Belica carries the xtras

* Start of combat
* Shiro jams comms
* Proud blocks west tunnel
* Belica webs east tunnel
* Jane casts gravity sinkhole

* Jane Irwin: After tucking the pamphlets of Dolmodeen into the zip tied wrists of the zealot dumbasses, Jane shoulders her gun again.
* Isabelica: Belica is floating in the air picking at her nails in the swift trying to look intimidating the fiend
* Isabelica: (over the chain) Could we try to buy his contract?
* Max: Zuniz is a known pseudonym for a red Abishai, an elite warlord of Tiamat
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro is standing ominously in the back, suit colors set to camoflauge and a similarly shadowy Brutus draped on his shoulders. Both drone and artificer have their eye LEDs set to eerily glowing red
* Max: Our intel would fit with Ramon Crane being an Abishai who has reneged on his deal with Tiamat
* Proud Flame will do his best ‘unobtrusive cat’ thing – and quietly prep Absolute Loyalty – and draw a bead on one of the smaller beasties (Leaper as targetted).
* Proud Flame: “Oi. Jane. You got the hand truck, right?”
* Jane Irwin: Jane: I can, yeah. I don’t wanna fuckin make no deal with this bitch; I dunno that we would be safe in giving them anything. I’m ready to rock.
* Isabelica: Even if we “rock”, breaking celestial law is a big no no
* Isabelica: We would only enrage the other party
* Proud Flame: Killing him wouldn’t break the rules – but the thing is? It wouldn’t stop the pursuit.
* Max: Farwatch is monitoring the situation and keeping distance
* Proud Flame notes, quietly – “He didn’t want us to give up our friend – rather, he wanted a fight. That’s the interesting part. I wonder how much status he thinks he gets if he can take us.”
* Doumdungrid Grayblade
* Jane Irwin: Jane smiles, wide and sharp and evil, behind Belica.
* Proud adds tracker to Tiamat cultist

* Crane made a deal with Ephara of Theros to break from Tiamat’s service and the Hierarchy of the Nine Hells

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