Mission Report

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 ((Jun 20, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)br/>
Quiet (players absent): Aunne, Kromrak

The team concludes their time at the Dvaren Conclave. Lyndi speaks to the Conclave, with Sylvena providing subtle backup. The team jump from the Dvarholm in the Outlands back to Ravnica. They finalize a plan for the caravan op. Lyndi negotiates with Alfonso Luque of the Boros Legion for special assistance. Nails contacts the team. He explains that the Allied Armada is preparing to strike the Conspiracy Armada while Caterina Berrett is distracted by the graven hulk demonstration on Ravnica. He asks for advice on possible participation by the Dvar and Primex.

== Details ==

* Jane gave Dolmodeen pamphlets to the Tiamat cultists on Earth
* Shiro offers a SigilNet link at Dvarholm, and some wannabe tynkers there jump on the offer
* Max: Emelyne Merewen, Triton (she/her)
** Collectivist trading company specializing in rare and exotic magics
** Emelyne gives her contact information to Isabelica, and welcomes contact in the future with more bad stories
* Dvar Triumvirate includes: military, merchant, clerical, with a crafting rep nearby
* Military wants to fight LRC and other slavers to improve Dvar miltec and reputation
* Clergy says Mordinsamman says freedom good, and if slavery is allowed, some Dvar will be in chains
* Merchant Speaker: Vargtryd Largeguard (she/her cis)
* Between 6:30-8:30 the caravan is between settled regions of city
* Alfonso Luque, Shifter, Senior Legionnaire, Boros
* Jane Irwin: Jane takes a position at Lyndi’s left, standing straight, if a little self-conciously.
* Jane Irwin: Jane, in the Chain: Alright, I kinda like him, he’s fun.
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro, if he’s on camera on all, will be tinkering with a piece of his gauntlet. Occasionally he’ll weld it slightly and draw momentary attention, but he appears unfazed.
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro, in the Chain: He reminds me of Proud
* Boros Legion: Militia & Constabulary
* aka “Fun Police”
* Luque bargains for Lyndi to sit in on a convo with a Boros VIP and the Harmonium delegate, before the party

* Op planning
* Tentative plan for Kromrak: pilot Bron for close-in surveillance and air support. For Proud: same, on the ground, stealthy in the Swift
* Guards in wagons 1 & 5, and skimmer pilots, are zealots
* Dinosaur tenders are implant slaves
* Luque has a covert action team spying on the caravan. They can provide a few members to lead the inspection team. The rest are ranged support (expert marksmen).
* Raptor Blue gives taser bullets to the Boros sharpshooters
* Their mission is ensuring no one gets away
* Bron will use a special HUD fairie fire to mark targets
* Shiro will send a “stay calm we’re here to free you” video through the LRC implants
* Mikell and Ruby Bridges are standing by to transport Assembler packets into incapacitated guards, to possess them
* Local terrain is arid badlands with flash flood canyons. Dry and dusty, with dust storms
* Most of the slaves are debt slaves to Orzhov, with their contracts leased to Rakdos

* Nails contacts the team to discuss the battle starting this evening
* MR-821: An unsettled system, near a known Hornwood vertex to Sigil. A vertex works both ways
* Strike the Armada before Caterina reaches it, taking advantage of her distraction on Ravnica
* Conspiracy Armada: LRC, Fated, Githyanki, Reavers
* Allied Armada: Tanyth Aramont, Harmonium, Githzerai, Assembler Rebellion, Unbroken Tide, Farwatch (Rational Ascendancy), Wyrm Princes of the Celestial Circle
* Jane Irwin: Jane pays intent attention, petting Stygi.
* Dvar: prepared to join the Allied Armada, if the Dvaren Conclave decides against slavery
* Nails asks about Dvar charter to establish an embassy on Earth
* Lyndi suggests that the charter call for a joint council (of the main factions) controlling the mission
* Dwight Mackey wants Primex in the Allied Armada
* He offered to personally negotiate with Lyndi

== The Caravan Op Plan ==

* Local terrain is arid badlands with flash flood canyons. Dry and dusty, with dust storms
* 1) Lyndi starts making weather that causes terrible visibility – also has four duplicates dressed as Legion.
* 2) Legionairs – Sylvena, sylvena2, Jane, Shiro, Bellica and the Lyndi brigade approach the front and halt it for an inspection. The weather gets worse.
* 3) Bron is circling unseen above. Kromrak is on Bron (and Aunne if he doesn’t show for some reason)
* 4) Shiro And Bellica walk up the length of the cars, gathering implant signals.
* 5) Meanwhile the weather now reduces visibility to only 5 feet or so. We can see them, because Bron has tagged them (like faerie fire) on our heads up displays – so they glow to us… but don’t know they glow.
* 6) Jane and Sylvena go off to help inspect – but really they’re taking out grounded skimmers.
Aslene: Jane is a poisonous snake. 1 bite, knockout.
* 7) Four Lyndi’s spread out and help take out the skimmers on the south side. (Or Proud does this, if he’s not on Bron)
* 8) Shakira is covering one of the possible implant beasthandlers, one of the Lyndi’s is covering the others.
* 9) Shiro and Bellica give the word, and then drop the implant. At exactly the same time, a message from Perfidy plays into the implanted people’s minds telling them we’re freeing them and where to go – and their implants unlock.
* 10) Shiro and Bellica take out the people in the last train (And Proud, if he’s with us)
* 11) Sylvena, Jane and the Lyndi’s take out any rebellious beast masters – and help direct beasts and slaves to freedom with the Gruul.
* 12) At some point, the warlock will figure out what’s happening… when that happens, Bron and Kromrak will hit with force… and the rest of us will come help as we can…
* Aslene: The longer we’re sneaky, the better this will go.
* (if Aunne isn’t there, then he’s in the Swift – not with Kromrak on Bron, doing sneaky shit in the swift.

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