Mission Report

Tue, Feb 13, 2018 ((Dec 6, 2020))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Sielic), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)

The team plans their visit to Lab 86G. Max briefs them on the Simic Combine and what intel they have on the lab. The team approaches in Bron, cloaked. They discover that the lab is in a state of lock-down. Someone has sabotaged the outgoing message to the Combine, so no one else may know yet. The team finds fungal zombies in the main hangar bay and sneaks past them. They reach the lab’s Ops center and turn on some power. Jane, under the control of Uhoshi Nevro, has Jane upload a hack to the central computer and inject herself with a nanite virus. The nanites build a node in her brain capable of deploying a specialized Swift virus. Uhoshi sacrifices herself to complete the ritual.

== Details ==

* The fleet is nearby and cloaked. The Horochanz visited Ravnica Prime while you were meeting Nantuk.
* DM: The delegation’s business will wrap up this week.
* DM: It’s Tue. The celebration to send them off with be Friday night.
* DM: Your round trip back to Marlene’s Citadel would take 2 days. However, you can now use the jumpcore because you’ve been there.

* Aboard the Tardigrade: Raptor Blue (including Max Witkey), Bronislav, Chuck Nielson ((Ari)), Magnus (gryphon rider) & Skyfall (his gryphon), Mikell Pavlovich (talnoksi tynker), Ordin Zarn (traumatized bard), Oskar (uplifted metal tree), Res (taciturn ranger), Rictus ((Razas/SchizoClarity)), Aedin, Farida ((Kitsunewill))
* Mikell and Rictus are getting along well, and sharing what they know about magitec. Rictus is evidently unconcerned about working with an illithid (or talnoksi).
* Ordin Zarn continues to work with Max to rebuild his shattered memories. He believes there’s a connection between the Circus Divergia and the Cult of Rakdos.
* Aedin accompanies the team at all times but never initiates a conversation. He can only be perceived by the team.
* Also aboard the Tardigrade, with his pod in the cargo bay: Nantuk Gribben
* Phobos follows Gribben around

* Farida is using the Spirit Net node to confer with the New Amonkhet leaders on the Invictus
* Farida is sticking around at least until the deal with Aedin is resolved

* DM: Planet is 100% ocean, has ice caps, may have had native biosphere. Simic Combine has moved Ravnican species here, and released and studies a wide variety of experiments.
* Max: (Holdfast: conservative, incremental improvement. Upwelling: rapid prototyping, catalyzing change and adaptation)

* Shiro and Sylvena use a DNA sample from Kromrak to prep the team’s P3s to rapidly find matching data in a computer system
* Lab 86G is in “Black” status, but has been for at least several months
* Fleet spreads out around the planet, watching for any incoming

* DM: There’s about 3 feet of standing water in the main bay
* The Black status alert isn’t being relayed off-planet
* or other on-planet facilities

* Advanced facility, Primex components

* Uhoshi: Please tell her that this was the plan for some time. This is what I wanted..
* DM: Uhoshi dies permanently

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