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Tue, Feb 13, 2018 ((Dec 13, 2020))<br/>

Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Sielic), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)


The team finishes sweeping the southwest sector, which has defensive wards. They find a heavily-injured woman in cryo sleep. They awaken her, heal her, and question her. She gives the code phrase Dwight Mackey told the team. She identifies herself as Marina Tasis, a nurse and sleeper agent. The team moves northward. They learn more about the fungal network and the dormant demons at its center. They hack the fungal network to secretly kill a vine lord and one fungal zombie. Belica takes control of another zombie. The team reaches the bio lab, which has containment wards. Inside are shambling mounds and their camouflaged vine lord controller. Sylvena, Isabelica, and Shiro hack the wards. Max reports that the Horochanz’ sensors indicate another cloaked vessel may have entered orbit and deployed a dropship to Lab 86G.


== Details ==


* Max: It’s Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018.

* You’re under the ocean on Ravnica 5, a water planet.

* Your fleet includes the Tardigrade, Bronislav, the Horochanz, and Temerity. The cruisers are cloaked and spread out around Ravnica 5 to watch for any approaching ships. Bron is guarding the entrance to the lab.

* You’re in combat spacesuits, except for: Shiro (who’s in his custom power armor).

* Aboard the Tardigrade: Raptor Blue (including Max Witkey), Bronislav, Chuck Nielson ((Ari)), Magnus (gryphon rider) & Skyfall (his gryphon), Mikell Pavlovich (talnoksi tynker), Ordin Zarn (traumatized bard), Oskar (uplifted metal tree), Res (taciturn ranger), Rictus ((Razas/SchizoClarity)), Aedin, Farida ((Kitsunewill))

* Aedin accompanies the team at all times but never initiates a conversation. He can only be perceived by the team.

* Also aboard the Tardigrade, with his pod in the cargo bay: Nantuk Gribben

* You’re in the southwest corner of the lab. Jane has just recovered from being imbued with the Swift virus.

* The fungal zombies are controlled by a corrupt sentient presence, in the northern, deepest part of the lab. You’ve glimpsed it in the Swift.

* You can turn power on and off in the sub-basement of Ops. Currently only the southeast sector has power. Each sector’s security systems and environmental controls are isolated to that sector.

* Proud Flame: (to jane, aloud) You good?

* Jane Irwin: Jane inhales quietly, straightening off of Proud, and nods. “Yeah, sure. I’m- I’m good to go. I- I feel -wierd,- without Uhoshi, but… I’ll unfuck my feelings about it later.”

* Aedin observes the team continue the op

* Phobos: “Oh!” Lyndi says suddenly, and looks over at Bellica. “Maybe Bellica can hack them… sneaky like? They’re zombies…”

* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi is shifting slowly, subtly, as the three essences hang in the swift space, so that she can watch all directions in turn as she thinks it through.

* DM: Marina Tasis

* Sylvena Simulacrum: “Perhaps,” says Sylvena. “If we can sever their connections to their chain without the rest of their chain noticing, that would certainly be convienent. If not, I think we should engage the big guy at the end first off, but I am more trigger happy than you are.”

* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi gives a wry look towards Sylvena, but it’s probably mostly hidden by her helmet and ghostly blue glowing headsup display. “Oh, I’d like to go punch it in the nards, but if we get force solid side up there our team will be down here with zombies between them and us… so… I think we need to clear the way as we go, stick roughly together as a team… I do see your point, though. It’s like… disturbing a spider’s web.”

* Max: Dwight Mackey said, “If someone asks about the Chicago weather, the countersign is, ‘They don’t call it the Windy City for nothing.'”

* Sylvena Simulacrum: “I fear if we damage the zombies without at attacking the big guy simultaneously, the big guy will know anyway and get a head start.”

* Jane Irwin: Jane is trying very hard to keep herself neutral in terms of her bearing.

* Primex was a later partner, rebuilt, did research on plants, in conjunction with at least two other sites, including Iowa and one of the Outer Planes

* Weaver symbiote, Leechmold

* Trying to isolate a connection to the Weave, to empower mortals

* Jane Irwin: Jane closes her eyes very briefly, inhale very softly, trying desperately to master the urge to facepalm. Repeatedly.

* Max: is contacting Dwight Mackey to confirm that Marina’s story checks out

* Marina: claims to be a spy, planted to aid any response team. Combine wouldn’t alow Primex to send their own military guards

* Kromrak 2.0: “Upon meditative reflections with Brightmantle, we both concluded that his gifts he had granted had served an incredible purpose, however, we decided that as the danger of our enemies grew, the might I wielded would also need to grow. Nothing without a cost, a mortal can only house so much of Brightmantle’s divinity so my special eyes have become as they were before Brightmantle’s might. Instead, I have incredible divine might and control of the divine magic I can use.”

* DM: Shiro finds the records of Kromrak’s change at 86G

* Aedin continues to observe. He is simultaneous present on the Grid and in the Swift

* Proud Flame: Proud, through the Chain: “Primex has confidentiality clearances, like anyone else. She’s trying to fish out whether you’re on her clearance level – you are. You gave the countersign, and we’re operating with Mackey’s blessing. Hinting you could report this to the CEO might help.”

* Max: reports that Mackey’s assistant confirms that Marina is a sleeper agent somewhere in the Ravnica system

* Marina: went into cryo on Jan 29

* Marina: Primex wants super soldiers. Combine wants to advance science, especially to find beings with a gene that makes them better able to be enhanced to bond with constructs like graven hulks. They agreed on a prototype that would detect beings with demonic taint. The Combine wants to catch spies from the Cult of Rakdos inside their operation. The prototype is in the console.

* Kromrak 2.0: “Uh I think this zombie is trying to play pattycake with me.”

* Sylvena Simulacrum: “Maybe it likes you.”

* Jane Irwin: Jane pats the Heart. “Yeah, I know, but it’s really just delayed. Bellica is good people, necromancy godling aside.”

* DM: Donovan Tower ]

* DM: Human, Ravnica, Simic Combine, orderly, was working here helping move and care for patients.

* DM: Donovan is producing spores, intermittently

* Aedin observes the combat with a neutral expression. He studies Belica’s zombie with greater interest.

* Marina: Imryll Orilana, Clade Leader, elf, she/her, senior scientist in the Combine

* DM: Donovan the zombie twitches and makes weird sounds, and emits spores, from time to time

* DM: Lyndi blesses the water in the emergency chemical shower

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