Mission Report

Tue, Feb 13, 2018 ((Dec 20, 2020))<br/>
Team: Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Kromrak (Sielic), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)<br/>
Left at 86G: Lyndi (Aslene), Shiro (DragoN)

Most of the team is transported 90 minutes back in time and placed aboard an enemy ship, the Lurking Doom. Emyla’s magic seems responsible but she doesn’t appear. They’re joined by Ordin Zarn. The team quickly discovers that the ship is LRC property with LRC mechadead, but it’s under the command of the Cult of Rakdos. They’re traveling to Ravnica 5 to meet the demons there. Sylvena impersonates the captain and orders the crew and mechadead into the cargo bay. The team decompresses the bay and most of the enemies burn up in the atmosphere. The heroes kill the remnants.

== Email Found ==

Comrade Crispino,

You will take the Lurking Doom to Ravnica 5. The coordinates of the Combine’s facility are attached. You will greet our lord’s lieutenants, once our spy has helped them with the crossing. Wait for the signal that the lieutenants have taken control of the lab.

We anticipate no trouble. But nevertheless, I am sending you with some of the special weapons we have bought from our League friends, namely:

* 6 Tin Soldiers
* 3 Tin Mages
* 3 Mechadead Apes
* 3 Mechadead Leopards

Don’t disappoint me.

In Rakdos’ name,<br/>
Golok Brakl

== Details ==

* Jane Irwin: “Ew! God damn it, keep that shit in your sock drawer like the rest of us, disgusting.”
* You can sense that you’ve moved backwards in time, but not very long.
* DM: Ship name: Lurking Doom
* DM: Kikai class cruiser
* Jane Irwin: “Lurking Doom? Jesus, these fuckers moonlighting at Hot Topic or what?”
* DM: Belica determines that the team is in Ravnica space, about 60 minutes before * Raptor Blue descends to Ravnica 5, where you’ll be for about 30 minutes before jumping back in time
* Captain Zara Crispino, lizardfolk (she/her)
* Sylvena: “Kromrak, should we encounter anyone that needs persuading or lying to, keep in mind that I am extra persuasive at the moment, should you require it.” * Sylvena does not look up from the computer as she says this.
* Cult of Rakdos leased this ship and combatants from LRC
* Planning to raid Lab 86G, once the demon lieutenants signal that the takeover is complete
* DM: Sylvena impersonates Captain Crispino
* DM: Proud has a Rakdos amulet
* DM: Ordin Zarn is tall and lean, with long, wavy brown hair. He wears simple gray robes, a large leather shoulder bag, and a guitar. His age is difficult to judge, perhaps thirtysomething.
* Jane Irwin: “…Path of Giving time. /Giving out an asswhupping,/” she growls to herself.
* Proud Flame: Chain: Resistance is going to stiffen as we move deeper into the ship – but do we need to? *quietly* We could simply open every door not on the command deck, and vent the whole thing to space, couildn’t we?
* DM: * Proud does math
* Henna Kaho: Captain, do you want the tin mages back on the grid, too?
* Jane Irwin: Jane actually seems, for a moment after Sylvena speaks, rather forlorn. Then she sets her jaw, inhales, and steels her shoulders under the weight of her responsibilities- which have unquestionably grown in proportion to her power.

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Campaign: Edgewar
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