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Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Kromrak (Sielic), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae)


The team attacks the heart of the fungal network. Belica shuts down the vine lords’ links to the larger networks. Kromrak uses ”Black Hole” to decimate the fungal forces. The rest of the team cleans up the rest. Then the team positions to banish the demons, which they smoothly do. Belica takes control of the fungal network and passes that control to Jane. Jane orders the undead out of the way of the team, allowing the team to search the rest of the lab complex. Lyndi and Belica find a prisoner, Elizabet Alcantar.


== Details ==


* Jane Irwin: Jane realizes that it began as a healthy mushroom network. It was transplanted from Ravnica. The Simic Combine enhanced it to grow faster, since they needed it as a material component for their spell for detecting demonic taint. Primex further enhanced it to be more closely attuned to demonic energy. However, when the Rakdos spy tried to open a portal for the demons to come through into the Prime Material Plane, the rush of energy caused the fungus to grow explosively, trapping the demons and infesting the lab staff.

* The team retrieves the original tissue samples and DNA work for Kromrak, the werebears, and some other patients

* Phobos is carrying that

* It’s clear that the lab has continued to iterate on the research that started with Kromrak and the werebears, as part of the guardian project (in collaboration with Primex)

* Jane hacks a spell to use the fungus she’s collected and purified to force the fungal zombies to attack with disadvantage

* Max: Demons likely have resistance to cold, fire, lightning, and nonmagical melee. They’re immune to poison

* Max: Fungal zombies have demonstrated immunity to cold and poison

* Max: Shambling mounds resist cold and fire. Don’t hit them with lightning: that will heal them

* Jane Irwin: Jane puts the mushroom on her shoulder, and uses a bit of druidcraft to get it to sorta grow a little and stick there, like a pet.

* Kromrak 2.0: Now Jane is adopting fungal life. Cinero will soon run out of things that are unadoptable.

* Sylvena 1 and 2 start looking for data. Sylvena 2 will keep investigating during the battle

* Marina tries to monitor what Sylv 2 is doing but Phobos runs interference. Also,

* The team prepares to attack the heart of the network



* Belica locks down a Swift side Vine Lord

* Belica simultaneously locks down the Grid side Vine Lord too

* Lyndi channels divinity to bless the standing water in Testing

* Jane Irwin: Jane rummages in her medicine bag and takes out a small peanut butter jar of black sand….

* Eldritch Cannon 2 (Shiro’s): Shiro stands in front of the group and activates his shield, crouching slightly. The shield unfolds in a hexagonal pattern and reaches the edges of the corridor, though obviously a lot stronger at the center. It glows a faint silver, the same of a rhino, and has stylish horn endbits on the central supports. Shiro’s armor itself shifts as bits and pieces shuffle around to account for weight being pressed against the shield, and his headgear changes to a more heavy and braced form

* Lyndi 4.0: In the Swift, Lyndi glows with a transparent blue shell of armor in the shape of police riot gear, complete with a large shield that has a symbol at the center that slowly warps from Traveler, to Dancer, to Lusifee, to Hermes, to Thassa and again. The bident stays poised over her shield shoulder as if she were holding it with an additional arm that doesn’t actually exist. Her eyes are glowing blue, a lingering effect of casting bless and her shield half-covers Belica as well.

* Belica uses Bruce the zombie to maintain the hack that cuts the ivy lords off from the network



* Lyndi and Sylvena banish the demons, with help from Belica and Kromrak

* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi sings a song of traveling, of steps taken and roads followed, a consistant rhythm like feet falling in motion, her own feet tracing the pattern of the Traveler’s Arch. She lifts the pouch at her neck with the golden blessed necklace of the Travler rests against the leather bag and she holds it up at the moment that Bellica lets go of her banishment focus. The arch grows from the necklace outward until it passes over the demon and then blinks out behind it, and the demon is gone.

* Sylvena: Sylvena harmonizes supportively.



* Belica takes control of the fungal network, and passes it to Jane

* Jane discovers there are still: 5 shambling mounds, 16 fungal zombies, 3 vine lords

* Jane orders the undead and fungal monsters into the barracks

* Belica loots data from private terminals in staff dorms

* Lyndi assists, focusing on Marina Tasis’ belongings

* Shiro, Proud, and the ecosystem loots the servers and moves them to Bron

* Sylvena looks for hidden stuff in Mess Hall, Commons, and Kitchen

* Sylvena finds Marina Tasis’ spying kit (comms, gear, IDs)

* Lyndi and Belica find a prisoner in the brig: Elizabet Alcantar, Vedalkin (she/her)

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