Mission Report

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 ((Jun 27, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae), Proud (Aunne)<br/>
Quiet (players absent): Kromrak

Lyndi negotiates with Dwight Mackey. She allows Primex to join the Allied Armada for the battle against the Conspiracy Armada. The team makes final preparations, then descends to Ravnica. They bring forth a sandstorm to obscure their op. They pose as Boros Legion customs agents and halt the Rakdos caravan. The heroes systematically kill the skimmer riders and a cultist posing as a slave, and then they infest them with Ruby Bridges’ assemblers. Jane deals with the imprisoned beasts: she convinces a bukavac to fight with them and lets a kongamato fly free, but can’t trust a ravager. A tabaxi beast handler named Kenson Ferdinand agrees to help the heroes on the promise of his family being kept safe. Lyndi starts to lift the geas on the ogres and a battle begins.

== Details ==

* Lyndi negotiates for Marina Tasis to be embedded with Nails
* Proud Flame: Chain: *Luci – I don’t care about his politics. He’s saying what he says for a simple reason: he wants good press (plus he wants to kill people that crossed him). I don’t care about his PR – and I think we can trust Mackey that far. I don’t know if we can trust his captains, though.
* Mackey wants Primex forces aimed at LRC, but also has electronic warfare tec to share with the allies that’s promising against Reavers
* Lyndi negotiates for a contract at the Hall of Concordance in Sigil, binding Primex to obey and fight with the allies
* Isabelica: I think I know the answer to this question more than he does heheh
* Jane Irwin: Jane, in the Chain: A high tinny voice mocks Mackey when he makes his PR spheel.
* Team puts on Boros Legionnaire outfits, with armbands that ID them as Customs Agents
* Max works with the Gruul Clans to relay honor and respect to the earth gods of the area
* The real Legionnaires are lead by Capton Salehk Norl
* Proud Flame: Soporphic/knockout poison – and Proud’s old taser. 🙂
* Proud Flame: New spells for this: Compelled Duel, Anticipate Attack – if we Go Loud, I’ve got some tricks.
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro’s taser is built into his gauntlet as an add-on, making his entire palm and fingers the taser. When he uses it on a target, lightning in the shame shade as his scales crackles along Shiro’s knuckles.
* Jane asks Max to ensure the Gruul clanners include a powerful druid
* Lyndi 4.0: Lyndi is quiet, grim almost. Her fingertips stroke the edge of her wrist bound pda screen as she goes over the steps of the plan.
* Proud Flame , strangely enough, *meditates.* Lyndi must be a good influence.
* Jane Irwin: Stygi jumps over to Lyndi’s shoulder and gives her a nuzzle.
* Jane Irwin: Jane: “Surprise!” I fucking love this guy.
* Shiro 2.0: In the chain: I’m sure we’ll be keeping the boss *very* happy
* Shiro leaves hornet drone on each cart
* Proud Flame: Chain, to Lyndi: Luci – I want your permission to take a risk.
* First handler is tabaxi slave
* 4th skimmer rider is warforged
* Tabaxi beast handler: Kenson Ferdinand
* Stygi helps lead the slaves away from the caravan, to the waiting Gruul clerics
* Jane Irwin: Jane, in the Chain: Max, let the Gruul druids know that thjey’ve got a six legged badass frog who will probably need something for some skin damage when we get done here.

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Campaign: Edgewar
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