Mission Report

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 ((Jul 11, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene, absent 2nd half), Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Sylvena (Dae, absent 1st half), Proud (Aunne), Kromrak (Sielic)

The team finishes the battle against the caravan guards. Kromrak and Bronislav transform into robot form and use their sword to stab Amethra Dox. Then they smash through the side of the wagon, pull her out, and throw her to the bukavac. The bukavac eats her. The team begins putting the caravan back together. Shiro empowers the zambies (assembler-animated zombies) with his portable metametal foundry. Amethra’s staff and breastplate are both linked to Rakdos’ Swift network. Proud and Sylvena contain the staff and send it up to orbit for analysis. They create a fake version of the staff to keep Rakdos from noticing Amethra’s death. Jane learns that the bukavac calls himself Dank Burbling Menace. She trades a Heroes’ Feast for Sylvena pulling the breastplate out of his tummy. Proud gets to know Kenson Ferdinand, the tabaxi debt slave. Jane casts Greater Restoration on the savager, which undoes a curse and reveals an aven.

== Details ==

* The real Legionnaires are led by Capton Salehk Norl
* Amethra Dox (orc she/her)
* Staff is a link to the Rakdos network
* Storm curtain stays up but wanes some, per Jane’s orders and Lyndi’s power
* Bukavoc: I am Dank Burbling Menace
* Rakdos Network was the basic model for the LRC network, which ties the implants and more together
* Kromislav head to orbit cloaked for special gear to secure the Rakdos staff and set up the fake version to keep Rakdos thinking that his warlock is alive and occasionally drawing power
* Staff secured in isolation box
* Sylvena puts together the fake ID of Amethra Dox, and Proud embeds it in Rakdos net
* Ruby gives local control of the zambies to Shiro and Belica
* Zambie = zombie infused by assemblers
* Alfonso Luque, Shifter, Senior Legionnaire, Boros
* Jane confers with Luque about getting a Rakdos breastplate
Proud Flame is slightly different, lately, each time you look at him. He’s a patchwork Calico as it is – but… it seems like, every so often? His colors aren’t in /exactly/ the right places. Wasn’t that fur around his eye white instead of orange just a minute ago? Wait – weren’t his eyes /green/ instead of heterochromatic? Huh.
* Amethra zambie animated with appearance and desecrated breastplate, that responds affirmatively to the challenge of a Rakdos amulet
* Isabelica: Belica gives Proud a ribbon so she always knows which Tabaxi is their Tabaxi. It matches his duster.
* The zambies are passable with helmets on and face plates down
* Ferdinand wants to learn more about freeing slaves
* Sylvena teaches Dank how to croak and yell louder, using vocal exercises
* Jane casts Greater Restoration on the savager, which undoes a curse and reveals an aven (she/her)

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Campaign: Edgewar
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