Mission Report

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 ((Aug 8, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Proud (Aunne), Kromrak (DM, flying with Bron), Sylvena (DM) (preoccupied with preparing to impersonate Caterina)

Raptor Blue finishes preparing the caravan for departure. Ruby’s assemblers create AForms to mimic the beasts. The Aven is Ester Maitland, a monk who’s seeking the Sovereign’s favor to help Amonkhet. Ester will help with the Seeds of Calamity op, as a hidden scout. The Dvar will side with the Unbroken Tide. The team finishes the caravan’s route and arrives at the demonstration site. They pose as special forces and are stationed near the command deck. Isabelica makes contact with an enslaved lizardfolk tynker, Jonas McRaven. He’ll aid the team if they free his family, who are held hostage aboard an LRC transport in orbit. Skyblue 9 and Ruby Bridges are dispatched to do just that. Empress Avrala Pyrix Aramont the 2nd is displeased with the Rational Ascendancy deploying Palisade.

== Details ==

* Ferdinand is a ”former” debt slave
* Kromrak is mostly with Bron flying overwatch etc.
* Sylvena is pre-occupied getting ready to impersonate Caterina
* Assemblers will use plant matter to create AForm mimics of ravager, bukavac, and bird dinosaur
* Shiro’s drone brings spare clothes for Aven
* Brutus (Eldritch Cannon Shiro’s): * Shiro repairs the wagon with the hole in it
* Proud Flame: * Proud is freeing Ferdinand completely – disabling and removing the implant, and removing the collar.
* Proud Flame: *He will also let the aven borrow his coat. For a /short time/. Until they find something else.
* Ruby gives local control of the zambies to Shiro and Belica (Zambie = zombie infused by assemblers)
* Ruby rebuilds the warforged as an AForm
* Breastplate from Luque of Boros: still will be delivered
* Drog and Krika were mushroom farmers, but like beast handling work (ankylosaurus)
** They agree to help with the ruse, and try to free other slaves in the chaos
* Aven (birdlike humanoid, head of a robin) is Ester Maitland (she/her), monk of the Sovereign
** Ester’s ship attacked by pirates, sold as a slave-sacrifice to Brotherhood of the Shroud, sacrificed her to a ravager, but Sovereign intervened and transferred her soul to the beast
* Isabelica: Lum and Belica are inspecting Zambies and making small cosmetic adjustments to the assemblers work as they go. Its fun for them.
* Jane Irwin: Jane stands aside to let Lyndi speak, being a quiet support for Ester as she tends her wounds.

* Dvar will side with the Unbroken Tide

* The team tosses the lead wagon, which was “lost” along with Amethra Dox the warlock
* The AForm warforged stepped up to lead
* Some zambies repurposed as matter for the AForm beast stand-ins
* Jane Irwin: Jane will help Esther get/do whatever she needs for the Sovereign and meditating and stuff, being someone who now knows how important that is. She will also get her some snacks from her bag and some water.
* The real Legionnaires are led by Capton Salehk Norl
* Jane adds forensic evidence of the mega badger’s attack
* Cover story: sand storm, poor visibility, mega badger attack, lead wagon and Amethra and some outriders gone
* extra dinosaur goes with Gruul Clan
* Jane gives silver acorns and notes on Bloom to Gruul Clan druids so they can reverse some of the desertification of the region
* Jane Irwin: Jane gives Stygi all the snuggles, and some dedicated playtime.
* Lyndi is on a skimmer, with a bandana and flight goggles

* Demonstrate site: West more ruins, East is construction, north is rubblebelt, south is the line of secured border by Boros
* Gruul clerics to help with bloodstone purification, disguised as guards, with RB
* Hodges, Orzhov overseer, Kobold (they/them) [Volo’s]
* Wendell, Gith (he/him) [Mordenkainen’s], the lackey
** Sort of inspects the beasts
* Vaniqua Barnett, Human (she/her) [PHB], Orzhov, in charge of security around Seeds of Calamity
* Proud Flame will work to get the caravan stashed where noted – and keep an eye out for any slave pens/slave groups working the show.
* Jane Irwin: Jane snickers to herself. “Yeah, we’re SpecOps alright. Just not the ones you think. Hehehehehehe.”
* In Seeds’ Command Deck: 2 LRC artificers, 1 senior Orzhov commander
* Carnise Hunter, Bariaur (Sigil sheep centaur) (she/her)
* Khatar Lucyne, Tortle (turtle folk) (he/him) [Wildemount]
* Jane Irwin: Jane, in the Chain: “Ha. Heavy stone, largely impassible. Pft. Not for a druid.”
* Teleportation stopped by reality anchors scattered around the area
* Jonas McRaven, Lizardfolk (he/him) [Volo’s]
** Jonas has a slave implant
** Jonas is wearing a brainy band and calls himself a tynker
* Proud Flame will head that way – ghosting through the corridors to intercept Bellica and our LIzardman friend – bringing with him the means to deal with that implant.
* Isabelica: Ah so much water at least its out here so it didnt *break* anything
* Jonas’ fellow tynker: Kobold (she/her) [Volo’s]
* Hostages are all Lizardfolk. Jonas’ Apprentice is Adrien Hansen. Sister is Ilsevel Liathana, and her daugther, Gloria Coronil.
* Aboard Grand Finale, an LRC transport ship
* Skyblue 9 and Ruby will strike the Grand Finale to free the slaves, with Bron et al offering advice and backup if necessary
* Jonas goes back inside
* Jane Irwin: Jane: “ABANDONED. Absolutely not. That poor guy- oh my god, I got to talk to him after- we can send them to the Scaly Nook after. I can’t blame him, but I’m still a smidge offended on Bid D’s behalf.”
* Shiro still has a network link to Jonas’ band and implant
* Lyndi orders Skyblue 9 to use suit cams, and get private info from Jonas’ apprentice to verify the op is real
* Team locates the perimeter alarm runes, trap runes, and reality anchors
* Proud and Jane are trying to lift a Orzhov locket so that Jane can exit the perimeter without alarm
* Isabelica to the souls in Seeds of Calamity [Celestial]: [Translation] I am sorry this was done to you. I vow to end your torment and give you peace.

* Max relays a video message, sent from T’Aramont to the Rational Ascendancy
** Empress Avrala Pyrix Aramont the 2nd
** Repeats her empire’s pledge to fight in the Allied Armada against the Conspiracy Armada, but then they need to talk
** We have concerns about the so-called Palisade
** Its vibrations are affecting the Weave across the Multiverse, with consequences that may be poorly understood, or perhaps understood but irresponsibly handled, or perhaps understood but deployed with untoward purpose.
** We will be reaching out through our vassal, House Talarin, to address these concerns.

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