Mission Report

Fri, Feb 16, 2018 ((Aug 15, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (DM, away doing diplomacy), Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Proud (Aunne), Kromrak (Sielic), Sylvena (Dae)

Raptor Blue continues posing as sentries while making final preparations. They let Jonas know that his loved ones are safe. Shiro and Sylvena prepare spoof data of a rogue mechadead attacking the factory in Seeds of Calamity. Ruby Bridges asks to assemble Seeds after the fight and RB agrees. Jane leaves to rendezvous with the Gruul clansfolk and Mama Green Crunch. The guests start arriving in the stands. Shiro sends the spoof data. Vaniqua Barnett sends RB in. The heroes immediately discover that the Orzhov officer and other tynker are also disguised. The officer, Sugai Yoshimitsu, actually is a vampire warrior — probably the powerful undead presence the team sensed in the Fated compound in Sigil. The tynker is actually a beholder. A fight immediately begins, with a lot of mind magic thrown around. Max sends a signal to the Allied armada and it attacks the Conspiracy armada.

== Details ==

* The dime is from a timeline that may never have happened. Someone went back in time and introduced Adintech on Earth much sooner. It led to Strain. Instead of a March of Dimes for polio, a US president helped start a March of Dimes for Strain. The dime is one of millions that were mailed to the White House to support research to fight Strain effects. It is an object of power for chronomancy.

* Ruby gives local control of the zambies to Shiro and Belica (Zambie = zombie infused by assemblers)
* Lyndi need to go do some nonsense to ensure that Caterina arrives at the demonstration site
** Some guilds opposing Orzhov were planning a pre-emptive strike on Caterina, so Lyndi needs to do diplomacy to convince them to let Raptor Blue and the Gruul publicly humiliate her
* Ruby Bridges and Skyblue 9 report that Jonas’ family is safe, and give you a story about him building an accordion out of sheepskin
* Skyblue 9 leaves a bomb in the engine of the LRC heavy transport ship
* Jonas gives RB what they need to spoof an aberrant mechadead damaging the factory, so that Shiro and Sylvena can do that, and then Jonas will call RB in to deal with the issue
* Jonas would like to return to Sigil. Jane tells him go to the Scaly Nook
* (Isabelica): Its sort of like giving a corpse to a necromancer lmao belica doesnt have a problem as long as we take the souls with us
* Mikell has set up the exo-loader to travel through the Swift to Kromrak
* Now he’s working on making it possible for Kromrak to teleport to Bron’s cockpit
* Isabelica: Belica and Lum are together in the Swift waiting to battle and talking about different variations on purifying bloodstones whether by divinity or pure magic or wild magic etc
* Max and Skyblue 9 will flood networks with fake news to drown out the Ravnica news and the Allied-Conspiracy battle

* Spoof alarm goes off
* Vaniqua Barnett orders RB to help Jonas deal with the rogue mechadead
* Mama Green Crunch shows up and recognizes Jane as a champion of the Unraveler
* Jane makes a Heroes Feast of memories from Jane
* Proud Flame: (plan)
** Assault the control deck, take over.
** Hit the Heart, and cleanse it – timing it, if possible, to coincide with the attack from MGC
** (Optional): Capture Catarina,, and have Sylvena replace her.
** (Optional:) Embarrass the /heck/ out of Catarina’s faction and destabilize the burgeoning alliance.
* Proud Flame: – Likely issues: Unstable terrain, troops and techs inside the hulk. POtential mechadead once it starts eating stuff.
* Sugai Yoshimitsu: Kalashtar (spirit kin) (he/him)
* Ariadna Carvllo: Bariaur (Sigil sheep centaur) (he/him) [Sigil]
* Jane Irwin: Jane takes a selfie from in front of and on top of Mama Green Crunch, and sends it to Brother Iron and Nails with the caption: Started at the bottom now we here #bigmama #titsoutfordolmodeen
* Isabelica: lemme at himmmmm im gonna go bzzztt bzzzztttttttt bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttttt and FIREEEEEEEE and the problem goes away
* Proud Flame: Proud, in the chain: “Get that hatch open! I have an idea!”
* Isabelica: Belica waves at it and says “Good luck!”
* Seeds’ console: hit by anti-magic, hit by petrification
* Command deck ceiling: 12′

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