Mission Report

Sat, Feb 17, 2018 ((Sep 5, 2021))<br/>
Team: Lyndi (Aslene), Jane (Cael), Shiro (DragoN), Isabelica (Basil), Proud (Aunne), Kromrak (Sielic), Sylvena (Dae)

Raptor Blue readies as they travel through the Sylvanaia to Arborea. Kromrak asks for aid and Gatriel arrives. Bron is from Arborea and chooses the battlefield. The team emerges on a peninsula in the midst of a thunderstorm. Caterina and Cahgiss expected to join the Conspiracy Armada in Gevoka and they’re disoriented. The team battles the arcanist and dragon with a variety of tactics. Caterina brings in mechadead vultures. Jane crushes Caterina against a wall with a focused ”Tsunami”. Sylvena finishes her, and Caterina falls down into a stone shaft into the ocean. Cahgiss surrenders and bargains. He agrees to do no harm to followers of the Covenant of Chain Breakers and to do one good each month, for as long as Jane lives. The team says good-bye to Bronislav. Bron sends them to the Tardigrade in the midst of the battle in Gevoka. Raptor Blue helps finish the fight, which is decisively in favor of the Allies. The Allied Fleet splits up to pursue the surviving Conspiracy ships, salvage the Conspiracy wrecks in Gevoka, secure Sigil Space, and strike the Risen Valor (the mechadead factory ship). However, at Innistrad they find only orbital debris burning up. Some ships remain to investigate. Later, the team leads grounding Adinzar on Amonkhet. They start the Hekma Net as a foothold against the undead horde, and they start the Black Pyramid Conspiracy to keep Adinzar safe. Lyndi and Shiro join Cyrus and Draco inside Adinzar.

== Details ==

* Jonas McRaven (Lizarfolk tynker), Kenson Ferdinand (Tabaxi rogue), Drog and Krika Barkek (Ogre farmers), Ester Maitland (Aven monk of the Sovereign), being looked after by Res (taciturn Elf-kin ranger)
* The Tardigrade is bearing Sylvena 2 as Caterina to the space battle. Max Witkey is aboard Bronislav. The Temerity was subsumed into Seeds of Calamity and Ruby Bridges has hidden her new vessel is Ravnica space while she finishes rebuilding it. The Horochanz and Skyblue 9 are on route to the space battle (but they couldn’t jump with the Tardigrade).
* Max: Caghiss the Insatiable is an ancient Red Dragon. He has powerful natural armor and fire breath. He has immunity to charmed, frightened, poisoned, and fire. He has some arcane abilities, including Fireball and Dimension Door. His moniker comes from his appetite for meat and power. He’s Caterina’s partner, through the Githyanki alliance with Tiamat.
* Max: Caterina Berrett is a Githyanki arcanist. She was an apprentice of Nicol Bolas, who taught her expert-level necromancy. She has custom Mage Armor, making her harder to hit. She has immunity to charmed, frightened, and necrotic. She has an artifact that gives her magical regeneration. Caterina has been trying to form a grand Conspiracy, including the Fated, LRC, and Orzhov Syndicate. She wants to attract other Githyanki to follow her instead of the lich queen Vlaakith.
* Proud Flame: **At the moment (As time permits) before emergence, Proud will cast Angelic Guardian.
* Jane Irwin: Fey Crown
* Isabelica: Belica is short resting for spell slots
* Kromrak seeks aid and Gatriel and Sujo arrive
* Proud Flame sidles over and steals a Kromrak hug. Because. Good hugs.
* Max: Aborea: Larger than life, Arborea is a place of violent moods and deep affections, of whim backed by steel, and of passions that blaze brightly until they burn out. Its good-natured inhabitants are dedicated to fighting evil, but their reckless emotions sometimes break free with devastating consequences. Rage is as common and as honored as joy in Arborea. There the mountains and forests are extravagantly massive and beautiful, and every glade and stream is inhabited by nature spirits that brook no infringement. Travelers must tread lightly.
* Jane Irwin: (txt to Nails: About to engage The Bitch. Don’t you die over there. You’re the best boss slash uncle figure I ever had. Tell Brother Iron the same.
* Jane Irwin: Jane will spend some of the ten minutes concentrating on the bracelet and “feeling” the traces of Caterina.
* Jane Irwin: Jane revels in the storm for a moment, feeling the power of nature and hearing the roar of ocean. It makes her skin, her feathers, tingle with power.
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro’s glamor armor changes from it’s normal bronze gold colors to have bright streaks of black and the raptor blue symbols appear on his shoulder pads. His helmet clicks several times and stylized claw-looking bits slide into place, sharpening his appearence into an intimidating look. The cannons also gain the black streaks, though they gain teeth ornaments instead of claws. The ecosystem is ready for war.

* Shiro 2.0: There’s a shower of sparks when Cahgiss bites Brutus, scraping against the shield that hovers above the cannon’s form. It flickers and a few of the joint bolts pop loose to bounce off the dragon’s teeth, leaving Brutus heavily damaged, but it rights itself shakily and lets out a roar-like robotic sound.
* Isabelica: Belica’s hands glow as she rushes to gentle repose only to slowly realize Caterina is gone
* The Covenant of Chain Breakers is watching
* Proud Flame: Chain: “A creature like a dragon – however evil – is still a part of the world in a way we can’t fathom. And.. he knows everything. So, y’know. Why kill more than we must? ”
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro watches the dragon with a steady gaze, mostly wariness but with a great amount of curiosity. How much could an anicent dragon’s spirit power?
* No harm to the Covenant of Chainbreakers followers, one good deed per month, for Jane’s lifetime
* Mechadead vulture fell down again when Caterina died
* Vultures destroyed, down the shaft
* Bron stays in Arborea
* Proud Flame goes over and hugs the gryphon ’cause good hugs. *nod*
* Isabelica: Belica will curtsy to Bron before he leaves and gives him any healing he needs

* The Allied Armada triumphs at Gevoka, scattering the remnants of the Conspiracy Armada

* At Innistrad
* Night’s Embrace
* Meori Sunfist (she/her, Elf), Commander
* No Risen Valor. Only orbital debris, burning up

== Closure ==

* Adinzar grounded
* Hekma Net
* Ruins of Naktamun, Luxa River
* In Adinzar:
** Aedin, Relentless Understanding, and Nicol Bolas
** Draco, Cyrus, Lyndi, and Shiro
* Ruby Bridges makes a body for Perfidy
* Proud Flame: Proud, to Lyndi – will just hug her. And he’ll grin. “Every bit of this. Of /me/ – is your fault. You remember that when I’m out there making a mess. And you know what? You need me to go a-vengencing, you just tell me.”
* Sylvena: Sylvena hugs both Lyndi and Shiro, more warmly than she has been in the entire time they’ve known her, and says, “We will keep you safe. We will save you one day. I swear it to you.”
* Proud Flame: “And you know what? We got time.” He winks at Sylvie. “No worries. We’ll take eterities if we need to – but we’re better thatn /that/.”
* Sylvena: Sylvena nods. “Even if it takes a thousand years. A thousand thousand.”
* Jane Irwin: Jane sniffles mightily, and tries, poorly, to hide it. She hugs Lyndi and Shiro fiercely, and leans on Proud, staying close to him, after they leave for a while.
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro hugs them back fiercely, with nearly his full force. It would probably break the bones of lesser beings. He seems amused more than sorrowful, however, looking forward to the prospect of centuries of time to learn and improve.
* Isabelica: Belica finally is able to let Almudena flourish again, outside of the gem. It assists with New Amonkhet and the Black Pyramid Conspiracy and Almundena becomes a center of good necromancy in the universe, one of its major exports being stable incorporeal spirits that act as Belica’s agents across the universe. One day, when Belica is old and her child has returned from their acension, she passes her divinity and leaves into the multiverse with Lum, off to find her peace.
* Shiro 2.0: When Shiro is saying goodbye, he takes off his helmet and smiles toothily. He gives each of raptor blue a small orb the size of a marble that has the raptor symbol on it. Whenever it’s near something operating with Shiro’s code, it glows ever so slightly. “You’ll never be in the dark when in Sigil, I can promise you that.”
* Shiro 2.0: Chikara is spotted in several locations, most commonly on ahmonket but she seems to hitch hike and follow some if not all of the Raptors at least once. She likes to stay with Proud’s traveling party the best however, scanning the occasional advanced network with interest.
* Proud Flame: Proud is the bouncy one – always showing up wherever the group needs him (often without announcement) – it’s the RV all over again, only now it’s universal. ANd where the Raptors go – he’s never far away.
* Sylvena: Sylvena shows up at complete random, with no announcement. Half the time, it’s Sylvena 2. She never tells you.
* Kromrak 2.0: While Kromrak is away, Karmork stays aboard the Tardigrade and assists Proud and any others with their goals and missions. Kromrak assists when possible.

== Final Updates on Persons of Interest ==

* The Bella Santiana teens…
** Raph Decosta is an Earth Human who made a deal with a demon. He’s serving in the Four Dragon Paths, in Ramshead in the Outlands.
** Colby Diseth bargained with a devil for the Helm of Liquid Imagination. He used it to bring Bronislav to Earth. He’s studying to be a paladin of Bahamut.
** The Helm was stolen from Talain Crystal Tower and is believed to be held by the Adintec Conspiracy.
** Lisette Carrell is studying to be an operations specialist, to support teams like Raptor Blue.
** Francis “Frankie” Regan has been accepted to Notre Dame University, where he plans to study for the clergy.
** Javier “Javi” Denoto is working as a mechanic and attending community college.
* Deanira Taylor is a Human paralegal who lived in the Vilmora Building and helped stop Reaver activity in Chicago, through their puppet the Black Mambas gang. She’s now working as an Evidence Tech for Chicago PD. Her son is Levell Taylor, 10 years old. He’s in a special enrichment program at Talarin Crystal Tower to monitor youth who may manifest paranormal powers.
* The Night Market of Chicago endures, under the rule of Barons Rixa Galdan, Vince Sugunda, and Ordric Brown. They’re loosely allied with the Unseelie Court, through Granny Bones. This includes a stand in the market as a satellite of Granny Bones’ eclectic bookshop.
* Wether Wakeman is the sphinx in Chicago who seems to be amused by watching the Edge. She can be found at most Sunday brunches at the Anubis Club.
* Dank Burbling Menace is the bukavac that Sylvena gave vocal lessons. He’s happily mated and raising a family in the wilds of Ravnica.
* Dee is the spirit of the city of Diyun. She is finding heroes and giving them aid, for the sake of the city and her people.
* New Amonkhet is the city-state of Amonkhet refugees. They’re thriving aboard the Invictus and on the surface of Daysahren. They’re building a foundation of agriculture and industry, to support retaking Naktamun and the rest of Amonkhet.
* Ruby Bridges is continuing to grow. She remade the graven hulk into Seeds of Change. She’s conuming and assimilating wandering undead on Amonkhet, reducing their numbers slowly but steadily. She’s also part of the Black Pyrmaid Conspiracy.
* Oskar is an uplifted metal tree from Amonkhet. He’s been replanted in his original spot, near Adinzar.
* Denah Kari is the solar Raptur Blue rescued in the Keyes Lab. He manipulated Jane Irwin into taking the Final Death virus into herself at Lab 86G. He’s continuing to serve Dolmodeen through craft and guile.
* Gatriel is the celestial who traveled with Raptor Blue and developed a relationship with Sylvena. She also continues to serve Dolmodeen. She is available for parties.
* Olbenym is a gold dragon and servant of Baamut. She was imprisoned by Caterina Berrett and the LRC, then freed by Raptor Blue. She is finishing recovering at Mt. Celestia, then she’ll help fight against the LRC.
* Emyla is the angel of Bahamut who periodically sent Raptor Blue on path quests. She’s continuing to do her lord’s work. She can occasionally be found on Earth.
* Exannarq started as Joe Irwin: a member of Raptor Blue, and Jane’s sister. He continues to serve Mechanus, helping to ensure the true order is protected.
* Grandfather Brass is a Guardian of Sigil, growing in the Tower of Brass Leaves. He continues to recover from the malignancy. The life and excitement in the Tower seems to help. At the upper levels of the tower, mysterious breezes rustle his metallic leaves like windchimes.
* The Last Word is the team of heroes who serve Dolmodeen. They continue to base out of the Scaly Nook behind the Tower of Brass Leaves. However, they’re often away on their own planes-hopping adventures.
* Dorn is the Bugbear tynker that Shiro sparred with at Dvaren Mountain. Dorn has made his way to Sigil and joined the Tynkers Guild.
* Myfir, Nari, and Tinga are freed slaves from Tessera. They live in the Tower of Brass Leaves, with Haelra Vayn. Myfir works on legal issues for the Tower, the Collegium, and the Scaly Nook. Nari and Tinga are learning construction and architecture from Lornok Bittercoat, the Dvar engineer.
* Oz is the Azza Gremlin who lives with Nari and Tinga. He enjoys climbing around the heights of the Tower of Brass Leaves, especially during thunderstorms. He also delights in playing with the children who live in or visit the Scaly Nook.
* Vyn is a Human from Tessera. He lives in the Tower of Brass Leaves. He’s continue to study the rogue path, under the guidance established by Perfidy.
* Samant Stormgird is the Storm Giant who became a clown. He’s studying with the Society of Sensation in Sigil. They’re finding creative uses for such a large performer.
* Nesnock Hagbiss is the Kobold tynker who helped Shiro join the Tynkers Guild. He’s a proud member of the Guild and working hard on a variety of projects. “What a time to be alive!”
* Victor Bronzeborn is a trans Orc and a Guardian of Sigil. They continue to broker deals between Sigil casters and spirits. They also continue to run an extremely popular boutique for beings of unusual heritage who want some fashion and flair. “Why be fiendish when you can be fabulous?”
* Naluni Pogray is a Drow weaponsbroker in Sigil. She’s continuing to work in the gray market, advancing her house, and secretly lending aid to Drow who break from Lolth.
* Nasha Pogray is Naluni’s sister, and a former apprentice of Nicol Bolas. She’s rebuilding the secret undersea Keyes Lab in Yalod Angara, as a base of power for Lolth defiers.
* Nantuk Gribben is the Goblin tynker from Ravnica who helped Raptor Blue enter Lab 86G. He gained minor fame for his association with the failed demonstration of a graven hulk. He’s using it to drum up interest in Izzet League projects. “How d’ya do? How d’ya do?”
* Delanos Skyguard is the Elf shipwright and noble who rules Skyguard Station, where the Tardigrade was grown. He’s leading alliance efforts to study and salvage the wrecks from the Conspiracy Armada.
* Seberios the bariaur armorer is transitioning to more legitimate business, in partnership with Wether Wakeman, to sell games and puzzles to space crews. He’s trying to connect with the Sensates and Tynkers in Sigil, because he hears good things about “virtual reality.”
* Skyblue 9 are the T’Armont cadets who traveled with Raptor Blue. They’ve been retasked to the salvage operation led by Delanos.
* Daria Blake is the psychomancer who helped Raptor Blue save Nails, and later General Lincoln, from psychic assaults. She’s elusive, but when she’s needed, she tends to appear.
* Grant is the Farwatch operative working behind the scenes on a future beyond the Breakwater and Lockbox Doctrine. He’s based in Sigil, and he regularly communicates with some residents of the Tower of Brass Leaves.
* Mikell Pavlovich is the Talnoksi tynker who Raptor Blue rescued from Yellow Dagger Station. He’s a professor at the Collegium of Sigil and lives in the Tower of Brass Leaves.
* Chuck Nielson is the Orc-kin hero who started with Raptor Blue. Chuck returned to Chicago. He works in a different part of R3M.
* Magnus is a gnome gryphon rider and Skyfall is his gryphon. He returned with Perfidy to Tessera. They marry, then live first in Shatterclaw Woods, then in Amonkhet in the Clever Toad.
* Ordin Zarn is the traumatized Elf-kin bard whose family was swept up in the Adintec Conspiracy. He’s based out of Sigil. He continue to aid the Unbroken Tide, while trying to find his father and mother. Tundin Zarn is a living book. His pages are scattered across the multiverse.
* Rictus is the Fae tynker sent by Granny Bones to aid Raptor Blue. He has returned to Chicago.
* Ajami Rao is the Githzerai monk who met Raptor Blue in Chicago. She was part of the battle at Gevoka. She continue traveing the multiverse, aiding the Unbroken Tide and hunting Githanki slavers.
* Myriad is the Assembler Rebellion swarm that mostly aided Raptor Blue, including bearing the metabiotic crystals that became several Raptors’ soul shadows. Myriad is continuing to work against the Adintec Conspiracy. They’re proud of Ruby Bridges, and grateful to Raptor Blue for helping her mature.
* Brother Iron is the Archdruid of the Greater Midwest. He continues to work apart from the Rational Ascendancy, to balance their vision for Earth and the Edge. He regularly plays board games with Nails, like Caverna.
* Nails is the Human operative who assembled Raptor Blue. He’s still on Earth, building teams of paranormal operatives and generally being an invaluable nuisance to the Rational Ascendancy.
* Harold Zhao is the Primex scientist behind its adintec experiments and much more. He was last seen doing work on plant-based paths to enhancing humanoids.
* Dwight Mackey is the CEO of Primex. He’s on the team negotiating with Tanyth Aramont on shutting down Palisade. He finds you all very tiresome.
* Quarsis, the Patient One, is the Illithid Elder Brain behind much of the Adintec Conspiracy. They remain hidden.

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