Mission Report

Thu, Feb 15, 2018 ((Apr 11, 2021))<br/>
Team: Jane (Cael), Proud (Aunne), Shiro (DragoN), Kromrak (Sielic)<br/>
Doing strategy and networking: Lyndi, Isabelica, Sylvena

Max dispatches part of the team to investigate a drifting LRC ship. The Arrow of Sildan is an advanced light cruiser. The team finds the Arrow in bad shape, apparently after the main reactor exploded. They board carefully and meets a tin soldier trying to reclaim sentience, Miyasaki Etsuko. Some of Miyasaki’s comrades have accepted liberation, while others fight Raptor Blue. The team defeats them. They begin looting the ship and preparing to scuttle it.

== Details ==

* The other members of the team are preparing for the caravan op (e.g., networking with allies)
* LRC sending out a ping, trying to contact a ship called the Arrow of Sildan
* Elite vessel, used by the LRC for their own purposes, of an unknown manufacture
* Current gen of Tin Soldiers
* Objectives
** Locate the Arrow of Sildan and board
** Commandeer the ship if you can
** Gather field intel on current gen tin soldiers
** If you can’t control the ship, scuttle it
* Light cruiser, often used to ferry LRC VIPs and/or messages, and/or special small cargo
* Complement
** 2 officers, 6 crew
** At least 6 tin soldiers, some of which may be Tin Mage variants
* Adrift, not cloaked
* LRC in system was expecting it or lost it, because they’re secretly searching for it
* It’s beyond the outer orbit of R6 and below the orbital plane
* Shiro brings his heavy toolbox
* Jane opens a channel to Aedin, who loosely attends to what the team is doing
* 3 dead bodies in cryopod
* Proud determines onboard event. No sign of weapons fire, missile trails, etc.
* Ship is in slow spin and drifting towards crystal sphere interior
* Event happened 3-4 hours ago
* 3 crew corpses adrift
* DM: Goliath he/him, Elf ambiguous, Yuan-ti she/her
* Jane retrieves the corpses with TK
* No sentient undead aboard
*Aedin discerns that the tin soldiers are trying to regain sentience
* Jane and Stygi briefly look into the black, star-studded void of space, and both, in concert, smile a little. They’re reflected in Stygi’s own starry eyes; and Jane seems not at all intimidated.
* From the armory
** Sniper rifle (gauss config)
** Pair of fighting knives with a necrotic aura (cursed, needs to be removed)
** Grenade launcher with several different kinds of rounds
** Sword of Dragon Slaying (empty)
** Marked as heavy machine gun (gauss) but actually holding contraband liquor, gems, narcotics, and porn
* Shiro is in heavy power armor but you wouldn’t think it by how quiet and flexible he moves. There’s a magic barrier over the metal that constantly shifts with him, leaving shimmers and illusions on the golden texture. It tricks the eye and blur the edges of his form, making it hard to tell where Shiro ends and empty space begins. Whenever he has to move, he shifts as little as possible and small flickers of jets activate to propel him quickly instead.
* Sniper rifle is T’Aramont elite
* Jane grabs a bottle of top shelf liquor for Lyndi
* Shiro 2.0: Shiro’s wall of force is, well, invisible, but when it pops up for a moment you can see a triangle pattern start infinitely duplicating itself until it reachs a wall before folding to continue on the next edge. It has a hologram blue texture before fading into invisibility — though on the Raptor’s spacesuit HUD there’s an outline
* Miyasaki Etsuko, triton (she/her)
** Vedalken, follower of Erebos, captured and put into a bloodstone
** Triton is the body raised as mechadead: artificer Elira Tabitha Lygon
* Romeo (Eldritch Cannon Shiro’s): Shiro SCOFFS at the pitiful attempt to stop them. The only evidence the attack even affected him is the tiny scorch mark on his shield and flicker of his aura.
* Romeo (Eldritch Cannon Shiro’s): Shiro’s fireball comes from one of his arm cannons, a large barrel that extends past his fingers and glows a molten orange. His highest level fireball makes the lights on it glow gold as raw magic energy fills the cannon, collecting in the barrel and illuminating the edges. When it fires a condensed ball of firey destruction launches at speeds a slow-mo camera would barely catch, leaving the still-glowing cannon barrel to de-extend back into his arm.
* Proud takes the bloodstones
* The bloodstones are advanced in structure
* Miyasaki Etsuko’s stone is the one that leaked, and Proud puts it in Shiro’s portable containment unit
* Shiro raids the data, and frags what he leaves behind
* Jane checks out the cryopods: 3 cold corpses
** 1 officer, 2 crew (LRC)
* In laboratory, VIP is scientist Gideon Ulysses Banks (Vedalkin, he/him)
* Working on miniaturization
* Proud gets full biometrics etc on Banks
* The ship’s data is partly scragged by the amateur violent hacking

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