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Day Four:

How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?


Hypolyta: Her confidence waivers, a lot, both in her appearance, and in her capabilities. She still feels this need to prove herself, as she’s still very young, but put in a position of command. And she’s very fresh at this position. She finds herself second guessing a lot of her own decisions, and often looks to others for reassurance, usually Kanta, however more recently it’s been Resheph and even Chrissinne. And Resheph thinks she’s beautiful, so she guesses she must be something worth gazing at. (Though if he mentions it, it’s sure to make her stammer, blush and deny it.) Even though it remains uncovered, she is a little self concious about her eye. If she catches someone staring at it, it makes her uncomfortable.


Keigan: Keigan is confident in two things: His aim, and his art. He won’t say he’s the best, but he’ll admit to being a damn good shot, and he maybe kinda sorta draws a little bit. No big deal… But he doesn’t find himself that attractive. He’ll admit he has a nice body, because well, it’s kinda hard to deny that. But he’s even gone as far as telling others he’s perfect as long as he’s wearing a paper bag for a mask.


Saashenka: Saashenka is very humble. She’s confident, but does not go out of her way to express it. And she’s very intelligent, and she knows it. But again, she plays it off when it’s brought up. She can accept compliments, however, even if she does so modestly. She doesn’t have much of an ego. She also has only ever seen herself on a very limited number of occassions. Very rarely has she been around a mirror on the already rare occasions that she has her sight activated. She supposes she’s attractive, though. However, she’s never been one to really care about physical appearances. It sort of happens when you’re blind.


Chrissinne: Chris is not so much vain as she is stubborn. She is a well trained, and cold killer. She has the deadly skill to excel at her job, and it goes unquestioned. However, she prefers to work alone, and her stubbornness to ask for or allow any help comes off as arrogance. She refuses to accept it, and it often has to be forced on her, and proven that she actually needs the assistance before she’ll even think to begrudgingly accept it. As far as looks? She’s pretty, but she doesn’t think it, at all. If only because she doesn’t care to. Worrying about one’s appearance is a waste of time in her opinion, so she doesn’t. Get close enough to her to point out the fact that she is pretty, however, you’ll realize really quickly how incredibly low she actually thinks of herself.



Day Five:

What’s your character’s ranking on the KINSEY SCALE?


Hypolyta: Hypolyta is a fairly sturdy 1. She’s pretty straight, but I don’t discredit, if there was ever the possibility, that she would have the capacity to be with another woman. But Resheph has been her first and only partner, both romantically and sexually, and honestly, she’s pretty happy with that. And she hopes it doesn’t change any time soon. They’re life mated, even if nothing has formally taken place yet (ie, wedding).


Keigan: Kei’s a 3. He was actually a pretty solid 1. Until certain events. And then he just kinda stopped caring. But Keigan’s always seen the aesthetic of any gender, being an artist. It wasn’t until he really became comfortable in his own skin and sexuality that he started to apply that in all forms of appreciation. He has a very slight preference for the ladies, but anyone is fair game. Most of his romantic partners, including his current, have been male though. That being said, he’s had really crappy luck with relationships. Which is a shame, because he really tries to make them work. Keigan just has really crappy luck in general honestly. Here’s hoping this one works out, though. They’re cute.


Saashenka: 0. Saashenka is straight. And she and Mosur are sorta kinda a thing. She keeps him in line. Their development has been really adorable actually. I hope it continues.


Chrissinne: 3. But that being said, Chrissinne is also very “demisexual”. I would go as far as to say she’s asexual, but that’s not entirely true. Once the emotional AND romantic connection are made on a very, VERY deep level, the desire is there. While she has the capacity to be romantic and sexual with any gender, both of her partners have been male. But I really like where she’s going with Drician. Their relationship was actually never EVER intended, but it developed that way, and they are a fantastic balance to each other. I dunno. I’ve never had characters click so quickly, and ESPECIALLY with her. I have a hard time imagining her with anyone else, or even the possibility of having to find someone else.

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