Day Six:

Describe your character’s happiest memory.


This one is actually difficult to pinpoint. Not because of a lack of development, but because even us as people have a hard time digging back through our own memory to find what makes us THE happiest, which one of our many many happy memories that we can actually remember that we find the happiest out of all of them. Especially if you have a lot of fond memories. And so, I’ve narrowed it down to ONE of their happiest memories, but certainly not THE happiest, especially since they’ve had such a longer lifetime than anything human.


Hypolyta: The day that Resheph proposed to her. Sure, it seems stereotypical and all, but it was a huge milestone for her, really. Here was a man who knew everything about her, even an uglier side she tried to keep hidden. And he loved her just the same, perhaps because she never judged him for the path he used to lead. they helped each other grow in a lot of ways, leading up to and past that point. But she remembers it perfectly. How cool and comfortable the weather was in Moonglade. The way the moon hung at just the perfect angle to illuminate the fountains at the perfect moment. The way her heart about broke through her ribcage at how hard it was beating. How nervous Resheph was, that his own hands were shaking as he presented a crudely molded copper ring, something simple, amateurish, and not extravagant at all, but in her mind was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. (He bought her a ‘better’ one, later. But she treasures that little piece of copper far more than the second ring. Though, she wears both).


Keigan: When he finally managed to get Hogarth to accept food directly from his hand. Keigan saw a lot of himself in the half starved young lynx that had wandered into the back alleys of Silvermoon. Barely more than a kitten, Hogarth had somehow gotten trapped within the city walls, and with nothing to rightly hunt, had resorted to scavenging through garbage and waste, eating what he could. Of course the cat had also been horribly mistreated, seen as little more than vermin or a pest and treated accordingly, so he had no trust what so ever in people (or elf). Everything Keigan himself could associate with. Keigan had watched him for a while, and would leave him what food he could spare. Eventually Hogarth warmed up to him. And finally, actually took food directly form Keigan’s hand. From that moment on, the trust had been established, and they were inseparable ever since. (And believe it or not, Keigan is actually NOT responsible for Hogarth’s drinking problem. The cat did that all on his own.)


Saashenka: Growing up in Zangarmarsh was not easy. But it was a little bit easier when you were doing it alongside someone else. Saashenka had a “brother”, another orphan from the orc assaults that Jamus had taken under his wing, by the name of Gaavhrie. Gaavhrie was a good kid. A few bricks short of a load, but a good kid (read he was actually kinda stupid. Bless his heart.). Looked up to Jamus in every way. Dead set on becoming a vindicator, just like the man who was raising them used to be. He and Saas were attached at the hip. (And later, he became her first crush. It was adorable.) They would climb as high as they could atop those giant fungal structures. And they would sit there gazing out as far as they could see. And Gaavhrie would describe it all to her. Of course, he would use words we all take for granted. Shapes. Colors. Typical descriptions you might give to someone who could actually see. He wasn’t the best at it by any means. But he tried. And Saashenka appreciated every bit of it. Because he was one of very few people who never tried to bring her down because of her disability, even if he acted as her eyes. Gaavhrie unfortunately passed protecting her in the fall of the Exodar.


Chrissinne: Chrissinne has always been prone to nightmares, after what happened to her home. They were exacerbated by many of the succeeding events in her life. Her entire being has been nothing short of traumatic (which explains a lot about her, really). Her first escape from the dens landed her in D’Arsano’s home after he picked her up on one of his rounds through Ashenvale. Even her first night, she’d suffered night terrors. But this time, there was someone there to calm her down. The huge druid took a small Chrissinne in his arms, spoke calmly, and softly to her, and if she struggled, he’d let her go until she had tired herself out from thrashing and screaming until she finally settled against him. And as he sang softly to her, rich with an old language she could barely remember, she became at ease. In those strong arms, lulled by that deep, smooth voice, it was the first time in a very, very long time that she had ever felt truely safe. And it was from that point her trust in D’Arsano began to grow. (And she would crawl into bed with him and snuggle up real close when she got scared. 8C Papa Sano and baby Chris (okay maybe not like, baby baby. She was about the NE equivalent of about 10-12 years old). It’s adorable.)

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