Day Three:

Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?


Hypolyta: The scar over her left eye was from a pretty nasty run in with a ghost from Resheph’s rather seedy past. Was also the first RP’d glimpse of her dormant personality.


Keigan: Several years ago, Keigan and Houl up and thwarted a potential domestic terrorist. The fiend in question was working on an airborne pathogen that would essentially cause the body to unheal itself and eat itself from the inside, for lack of a better way to put it. But it was still in the experimental stages, apparently. In the fight that ensued, their opponent tried to rip out Keigan’s throat with his teeth, that were filed to sharp points, leaving him with a pretty lovely set of scars there. Same fight also gave him his half-Chelsea/Glasgow smile, and a face full of that pathogen. But hey. It was to protect Houl and his employer. Then landed him face down in an Ashenvale River while his organs were liquefying. But that’s how he met Hypolyta and Kanta, and paid to supply the Sentinels with Horde information! …which then landed him in a nasty predicament with the Kor’Kron! What a life.


Saashenka: Being a healer by trade, Saashenka does not have many scars, and what few she has are fairly faint. That is, until very recently. Her brief battle with a posessed Mosur, and the event in which she managed to banish and seal traces of an Old God back into the book from where it came, she lost a good 3/4s of her right horn, and sustained a pretty bad burn to that side of her face. The skin around her brow ridges and cheek is still very slightly discolored, as she was not well enough to heal it properly in a timely manner.


Chrissinne: There is a series of deep, raised, and jagged scars from a severe lashing that litter her back, creeping over her shoulders, and over the sides of her hips, and even as low as the back of her upper thighs. 


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