Day Two:

2.) What are your characters’ most prominent physical features?


Hypolyta: Hypolyta is a big girl. She’s tall. She’s muscular as hell. And she’s built like an hourglass to boot. Sure, she’s about average height for a Nightelf, if on the taller side of that. Around 7’2″. But she weighs about 300lbs, without the armor. She’s pretty stout. Ontop of it, she’s got a pretty wide set of hips, a butt, and a pair of therapy tits that are large enough to balance it out. So, that whole package is about the first thing anyone’s going to notice. Yeah, she’s got a body to die for… and could definitely kill you with it. (Can crush man’s skull. Like sparrow egg. With probably just one hand.)


Keigan: His arms. Man, he’s got some NICE arms. Then again, they’re almost always exposed, so, despite the rest of his body being sufficiently built for the lifestyle he leads, they’re the most noticeable. Also, probably his slightly crooked nose, and lazy smile. They’re pretty characteristic.


Saashenka: Her eyes. They’re unusual in the fact they’re a very dull grey. They don’t glow or shine like her kin. One look at them pretty much gives away the fact she’s blind. But while they can’t see, they’re incredibly expressive, and quite possibly are the truest example of the “window into the soul” metaphor. Though her blindness is also why she has trouble hiding her emotions. She hasn’t really grasped the concept, since every little facial movement is amplified to her. And she’s not aware that even subtle changes can betray her feelings or thoughts. Even still, they are wide, and strangely beautiful.


Chrissinne: She has an ass for daaaaaaaaaaaays. But really though I guess that blank, soulless expression that graces her face is pretty prominent… It’s actually supposed to be really unsettling, because it is absolutely unreadable and statue like. But the fact it graces the face of an organic being makes the dichotomy disconcerting. Have you ever seen something you were sure was fake, inanimate, or a statue until it moved? It’s that sort of concept. Because we’re so used to seeing rather “human” expression and emotion, even the slightest, it’s hard for us to register something that is truely neutral and devoid of it. Even a “blank face”, “resting bitch face”, or neutral face has some little hint of emotion. That’s what makes Chrissinne’s default expression so unnerving. Hers doesn’t.


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