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10.) Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable.


Hypolyta: The biggest turning point in Hypolyta’s life would probably be the first episode she ever suffered.  However, it’s after her release from the prison stint resulting in the fallout of that episode when her official journey into the big, wide, open world began. So perhaps it’s when she took her first steps out of Ashenvale that wasn’t on a direct route to Darnassus that is the true turning point. It’s where the story as everyone here knows her began to unfold.


Keigan: Taking the magister up on his generosity and following him home. That was when Keigan realized that there are far crueler things in this world than having to suffer and starve on the streets.


Saashenka: Her life definitely took a more interesting turn when she met Mosur in the sanctuary of the Stormwind Cathedral. Jury is still out on whether or not it’s been a fun ride, but it’s certainly been wild. She doesn’t regret it, however.


Chrissinne: Since the destruction of her home, Chrissinne had been living about a decade or so as a feral child in the far reaches of Ashenvale. You know, scavenging, hunting her own food, or stealing and eating the raw meat from nightsabre kills… the works.  It was there she was found by the Warden Mitsu’ama, and whisked off to the den way the coast of Darkshore, where she was brought back to civilization by being systematically broken and trained to become a warden that still barely manages to function in normal society. HOORAY.

11.) Is there an animal you equate with your character?

Hypolyta: You know, I’ve really only compared her to mythical figures, like the Amazons or the Valkyrie. But if I had to… Off the top of my head, and while there’s probably one better, I’d have to say a dog. They’re bright, intelligent, energetic, but prone to doing really silly things. They’re also incredibly loyal creatures, and trusting. Optimistic, and also sympathetic. But they are also vicious, and brutally protective of the things they care for. Something like a German Shepard. They’re used as war dogs, and police dogs. And they’re large. Pretty fitting.


Keigan: A hawk. I’m not sure if it really needs an explanation, but here goes. Aside from his skill as a marksman, and incredibly eyesight, Keigan is incredibly observant, as well as a craft problem solver. He has relied on his wits, and skill to survive. His observational skills had well been honed on the street when he was a petty street rat theif, and in a different way while making bucks and covering Houl’s back as a sniper. And when you earn his trust, he is loyal. Hawks are also known for their companionship and teamwork when used side by side with humans in falconry, which greatly reflects his relationship with Houl, and Hogarth. I could go on, but I think that’s well enough to get the idea.


Saashenka: A sparrow. They’re small, quiet little birds. And they’re symbols of hard work, simplicity, and happiness, as well and focusing more on others than yourself. That’s Saashenka in a nutshell. Studious, and quiet, takes value in the simple things, and far more concerned with the happiness and safety of others than herself.


Chrissinne: A cat. She’s a cat. Fickle, aloof, quiet unless she wants your attention. If she likes you enough, you might be able to pet her, but she’ll sink in her claws when she’s had enough. A skilled, silent, and deadly hunter. Prefers to be alone. Hisses and spits when she’s angry or throwing a fit. She is pretty much literally a cat.

12.) How is your character with technology? Super savvy, or way behind the times? Letters or email?


Hypolyta: Lyta is always up for learning new things. She’s a bit wary at first, but eventually she’ll see the use, and find an interest. She’s also pretty quick on the pickup, so learning new technology isn’t difficult. Though she prefers to stick to simpler methods, if something gnomish gets the job done quicker and easier, she won’t mind incorporating it.


Keigan: He knows the ins and outs of just about any goblin or gnomish made contraption. Mostly because he’s had to sabotage them. Mostly because he sometimes uses them. Mostly because he’s had to know. He can also take apart, reassemble, and load any gun or other firearm in record time. But he prefers to use a bow. (His draw and firing speed were once something rarely paralleled, but since the near loss of his left arm, his time has been cut considerably. The power behind those draws, though… take your head clean off.) So yeah, he’s pretty savvy.


Saashenka: Draenei are typically technologically savvy on principle, as their culture used it fairly seamlessly in conjunction with the arcane. While her prowess favors the Light, she can work her way around technology. And if she’s not sure, give her a manual, and she can figure it out really quickly.


Chrissinne: If and only if it’s absolutely necessary, and she can’t do it herself. That being said, she could probably figure out how to sabotage enemy technology fairly quickly. She’s far too observant for her own good, and her brain is constantly working a mile a minute processing every little observation and how it would benefit her or her mission. Otherwise, she would rather avoid technology that’s anything but basic. (Heck, she had a hard time on a boat for several weeks. She also LOATHES Drician’s chopper.)


13.) What does your character’s bed look like when he/she wakes up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, are they all curled around a pillow, sprawled everywhere? In what position might they sleep?

Hypolyta: She’s a sleep cuddler, so she tends to gravitate to whoever she’s next to. If she’s alone, all of her pillows take place of a body. She also tends to wake up surrounded by cats, a pair of sprite darters, a dragon hawk perched on her head, and a really grumpy druid.


Keigan: Sleeps in trees. Okay not always. He still doesn’t have a bed to really call his own, so he’s usually couch surfing or inn hopping. Either way, if he’s got a bed beneath him, he’s not exactly the most graceful sleeper, and is known to occasionally drool and have an assortment of limbs dangling off the edges, covers and pillows everywhere. He sleeps HARD, and deep, as he doesn’t often have the chance to really let himself do so. Sometimes Hogarth’s butt ends up nestled under his arm. Sometimes Hogarth’s butt ends up on his face. Sometimes he uses Hogarth as a pillow. Sometimes Hogarth uses him as a pillow. You just never know.


Saashenka: She’s a fairly restful sleeper. Doesn’t take up much room, tends to stay on her side of the bed, nestled in her pillow, or up against whoever she’s sharing with. But she’ll sometimes kick. Those little hooves hurt.


Chrissinne: The warden doesn’t sleep. At least, she did very rarely, up until recently. She would force herself into a sort of restful, meditative stasis that provided the benefits of sleep without sacrificing complete consciousness, or awareness. Now that she does sleep, it’s very light. However she will only allow herself to sleep in the presence of D’Arsano or Drician, and only them.

14.) How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold?

Hypolyta: SHE DID NOT HANDLE NORTHREND VERY WELL AT ALL IN THE BEGINNING. She often waddled around as a Lyta Burrito until she grew acclimated. She handles hot weather a lot better than she does the cold. She would really much prefer a temperate climate, but… if she had to choose, she would prefer Feralas or Stranglethorn over repeating a tour of Icecrown.


Keigan: Keigan travels a lot due to his ‘occupation’, and so his body has become pretty used to acclimating and adjusting quickly. Though he is also not one to venture unprepared for the climate of where he’s going. He knows better than that.


Saashenka: The priestess is very small, and physically weak in many regards. She is very sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. Saashenka is too thin to really retain much body heat, so she is very susceptible to the cold, and must bundle up at all times. (Travelling Kun-Lai was no picnic, even before she ran off from Mosur, and if Kanta and Zaanthe had not found her when they did, she might very well have frozen to death.) She is also prone to over heating, and quick to fall to heat exhaustion in hotter temperatures.


Chrissinne: No one knows. She shows no emotion, nor reaction. Is she freezing? Is she dying of heat stroke? NO ONE CAN TELL. But, nah, she knows how to take care of herself, and her limits, as well as what to prepare for. She’s not a warden for nothing.

15.) Is your character an early morning bird or a night owl?

Hypolyta and Chrissinne are definitely night owls. It’s how they’re programmed, being nightelves and all. They’re a hard wired nocturnal race. However, they can and do function during the day time.


Saashenka is a morning bird. Early to rise, and sometimes a little too late to bed. But she also naps a lot. She gets tired very easily.


Keigan’s schedule alternates too much to give a definitive answer. Though, the sure thing is, he just really dislikes having to wake up. No matter what time it is, or when he fell asleep, he’ll whine about it if you wake him up. He’s less grouchy if he wakes up on his own. Either way he gets over it pretty quick.

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