Day Seven:

Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why?


Hypolyta: To Hypolyta, it would probably be the fateful first time her dormant personality surfaced. It was a major cause of a lot of her succeeding problems (see, her eye, and more recently, the Sha of Anger). If it had never presented itself, she would have never experienced prison at such a young age, nor would those who knew of her “situation” be constantly wary of her, nor would she have to be tailed and constantly report to a warden. It’s also a huge source of insecurity for her. She even views herself as an unpredictable monster. She’s killed her fellow Sentinels. She’s destroyed buildings. She’s almost killed children, back in Pandaria, and ravaged through entire camps of Yuangol with no survivors in her wake. It terrifies her. She wishes it was never there. If it had never surfaced, she would never have to deal with it. She wouldn’t be afraid of herself, or the future. And no one would be afraid of her (off the battlefield, anyway). She could live a normal, happy life.


Keigan: Keigan is one of those people who has accepted that everything happens for a reason. Though he is also keenly aware of Cause and Effect, as that’s practically everything his life has been. Almost every event, good or bad, has been cause from another, though how directly varies. Erasing any of those moments would alter his life completely, and how it has played out. And he’s not necessarily sure for the better. Yeah. He’s been through some shit. But that shit has made him who he is, and he’s survived all of it so far. And he’ll continue to sling through it until it kills him. However, despite this, there is one thing he will always regret. He might not ever wish to change it, but there is immense guilt behind one, seemingly innocent decision that made a good deal of his life a living hell. He regrets ever taking Relath’s offered token of generosity. He regrets ever taking that man’s hand, and following him back home. He regrets ever being naive enough to think that anyone would ever help someone like him, or his brother out of the sheer goodness of their hearts.


Saashenka: There are times when Saashenka feels it might have been better if she, too, perished in the Exodar. Lately, even if she’s found companionship in Mosur and Zaanthe, she feels more like a burden, or a dead weight. And she feels that she’s just another thing holding Jamus back from his true calling, especially since he seems to be avoiding her for his own reasons. She’s not entirely sure what they are, even after Mosur explained what he knew. It’s a fleeting thought that haunts her when she has a moment to sit and think too much. She’s small. She’s blind. She’s physically weak, and not exactly the healthiest. Yes, she has powerful magic, and a strong connection with the Light, but is that enough? She sometimes feels as though she doe snot have much to contribute, and is only hindering everyone around her. And perhaps, it would be better if she was just one less to worry about. This kind of thinking was what kept her holed up and depressed for years in a small hut in Darnassus. She’s working on it. Saashenka is a hard little thing to keep down.


Chrissinne: She fought it long and hard before eventually allowing herself to be molded to it. However, it wasn’t until much much later that she finally understood how right her mentor was, even if the woman was outrageously, and insanely overzealous about the idea. Attachment is dangerous. She would not have hesitated to kill Aeronn after knowing what he was, or leave him behind after his usefulness to her mission had seen its end. She would not have held on for so long as the demon slowly took over him. The first sign of a lack of control, and he would have been done. Instead, she allowed herself to falter. She got attached. She fell in love. And in doing so allowed herself to be prey to a demon until it finally fully took over her lover’s body and mind, while he suffered the whole while, until she was the one who was forced to end it. And it’s something that she still lives with decades later. Something she still struggles with in waking and sleeping moments. Something she allowed herself to do AGAIN, and is having to face it all over again, especially knowing who and what Drician’s father is, especially now that a demon has been inside her head and her hands have been around Drician’s throat–




Day Eight:
Day of Favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?

For this one, I’m gonna be bad and do associations rather than favorites. SHHH.



Vanilla, with a nutty topping. Because if that’s not Hypolyta in a nutshell, I don’t know what is.

Purple, the color of the imagination. It can be creative and individual or immature and impractical. (source)

Dream Within a Dream – The Glitch Mob

Daisy – Innocence; Loyal Love



Pineapple Basil, different and refreshing. What? Just because he’s a street rat does not mean he can’t have refined tastes.

Red, the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. It is also the color of anger and sexual passion. (source)

Shake me Down – Cage the Elephant

Cactus flower – Endurance



Strawberry, sweet and simple

Blue, the color of trust and responsibility (source)

You Got To Go – Above and Beyond

Violets – Modesty



Cocoa Ancho, dark with a bit of a kick.

Black, the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. (source)

Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation

Anemone – Forsaken




Day Nine:
Who does your character trust?


Hypolyta: This is quite possibly one of Hypolyta’s biggest flaws. She’s far too trusting for her own good. She’s grown a bit more cautious, if a bit more prejudice because of events that have happened to her. However, she tries to see the good in everyone, and sees everyone as trustworthy until proven otherwise. And it gets her into so much trouble.


Keigan: Honestly? No one but Houl, Hogarth, and Hypolyta. Not even his current boyfriend. Eurynine Primmling has earned some semblance of his trust, but it took a long time and the fact that he pretty much rebuilt his arm and resurrected Hogarth for him to even be a little more at ease around the priest. It’s been proven to Keigan time and time again that everyone is out for themselves, and never does anything without expecting something else in return. Houl is his twin. They’ve had to rely on each other to survive. Hogarth is the cat he tamed, and trained from practically a kitten. Hypolyta, aside from Eury, has been the only other person in his life to go above and beyond to save his life, get him out of enemy territory, and show him unadulterated kindness for nothing. But he expects anyone and everyone to turn on him at any moment.


Saashenka: Saashenka usually trusts someone when she gets to know them fairly well. She’s far more cautious than Hypolyta, but she does try to see the good in everyone, as well. She is also far more observant than Hypolyta, and has a tendency to read people a little better through their auras to see true intent. Though anyone with fel or shadow magic tends to keep her a little more on guard. The people she trusts completely are Jamus, Mosur, and Zaanthe.


Chrissinne: D’Arsano Barkhide is the only person she trusts wholly and completely. And even then, it’s a trust that’s been tested and tried a few times.

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