Going off the list here. And for the whole thing, I’ll be using my four “main”; Hypolyta, Keigan, Saashenka, Chrissinne. SO HERE GOES.


Day One

Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?


Hypolyta: In her young age, her primary care-giver was her father, due to her mother’s military obligations. She was far closer to him than her mother. Though, he was called back into the Emerald Dream when she was very young. She was left in the care of a close, family friend, Kanta Wildsabre. He was the one who practically raised her, and she considers him a father figure. They are incredibly close. He just has a hard time accepting she is an adult woman, now, and letting her live her own life. It leads to some pretty heated arguments. They’re pretty past that, now. Thanks Sha of Anger. Somehow you mend families.


Keigan: Keigan’s father was supposedly killed in one of the troll wars (later discovered to be an assassination. Highelf politics, man), and his mother committed suicide not long after. This left him and his twin brother, Houl, to fend for themselves on the streets of Silvermoon. Before they passed away, their father was a figure they looked up to, and they revered their mother as a sort of goddess, I suppose. They loved that woman quite a bit. Mama’s boys is putting it incredibly lightly. But that luster faded not long after they realized she had “abandoned” them. It wasn’t until much later in life that Keigan discovered she committed suicide, and well, that outlook changed again. He is a little more understanding of the circumstance, having lived through her reasoning (VAGUE FOR REASONS. Will touch on later.), but he’s not sure if the pristine image he once held of her can ever be restored.


Saashenka: Before her parents fell to the Legion, she had a decent relationship with them, I suppose. She didn’t know them as well as she might have liked. However, her adoptive father, Jamus, is the world to her, and vice versa. However, since their arrival to Azeroth, they haven’t really been able to see each other. She had once perceived him as dead and gone, until she received rumor that her was still alive, and embarked to find him. Which was her reasoning for joining the Templars in the first place. However, after the incident in Kun-Lai, he’s been keeping his distance, even after their heartfelt reunion. Saashenka can’t help but fear something has changed him, and there is now a huge rift in their relationship.


Chrissinne: Chrissinne’s mother passed in child-birth. She was raised by her father until he was killed in a mass murder by a deranged, heretic priestess. The closest things she had to parents after this incident was her ruthless Warden mentor, with which she had a very complicated relationship (one that is really difficult to explain, but one might consider a form of Stockholm Syndrome.), and the druid who found her on one of her many escape attempts from the dens. She is exceptionally close to the druid, D’Arsano Barkhide, and considers him her father. He is also the one person she cares for above all others, and the only person she’ll remotely listen to. There is no one who knows her better, and no one else that she feels being completely vulnerable around. If one didn’t know any better, one might actually assume they really were related. Her love for D’Arsano is strong, and unrivaled. It’s a strange, deep bond that transcends the typical idea of familial love.


…These kids have a trend. Orphaned daddy’s girls. Whoops.

In all fairness, it was Chrissinne who started it. She is by far my oldest and most developed of all of these dudes. She was also one I only recently brought into game, and molded to fit. So, never having though she would make an appearance, I kind of molded Hypolyta’s story around the same trope. Which then sort of fell for Saas, too. It’s completely plausible, however, given the world they live in. And I’m sure that they’re not the only ones with this type of relationship in this universe (or server).



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