Hey Agatha!

Thanks for thinking of me, happy to do this! I’ll get started as soon as I finish this report. Can’t write too much, pretty sure the inn’s on fire. Or about to explode. ANYWAY… I’ve got some information on this guy Syzoth. He was part of a tribe called the Burning Fang, trail ran cold somewhere in Sargava. These bastards are pretty mean assholes, and honestly I can’t get any closer without more money for bribes, because the tribe ran into some trouble with an entire freakin’ pirate colony. Like, whole city full of a smelly, rum drinking, idiots.

Syzoth’s this real piece of work, and I know pieces of work. Don’t know why he was named Master of the West, but he was chosen by the Grand Master herself. Though apparently one possible reason is that Syzoth managed to seriously embarrass the pirate colony leader, Warlord Kahn, but roasting his face like a spring chicken. 

After that, however, Shao sacked the entire island by herself and her followers for a quick cleaning, Thuvia wanted pirates gone and the island for themselves, and Shao wanted a school. Thuvia got the ass end of the deal, as turns out the school and the wyvern roosts might be getting along well enough. Syzoth was named the Master a few years later, after Shao found that Syzoth’s a badass. Thuvia tried to send an ambassador (spy, really, I’m sure) and asked Syzoth something that set him off. Rep’s in prison, and the Thuvians are disavowing anything to do with the school. Yeah, totally a spy.

Syzoth’s rep is one of a ruthlessly loyal to Shao, and with good reason. Rumor is it that Shao brought Kahn to Syzoth, and it took weeks for Syzoth to really get down and finally kill him. Guy’s murdered a ton of pirates and poachers who keep coming to the island, and his school is supposedly a fortress by now. 

Ack, the fire’s reaching the grog. Gotta go! I’m on the other stuff soon as I can!

-Pete, Sneaky.

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