Greetings Sister!


It has been quite some time since we have spoken, and for that I must begin with an apology. I had grown weary of the troubles of this mortal coil, and had sought to find a final rest. 


It did not work, exactly.


Something woke me back to this mortal shell. Some event that has opened travel to the Shadowlands, and now I am here. My speaking stone is dormant, and our lockets are also silent. I cannot reach you, dear sister. 


How is Sielic? Has he been treating you well? The Gilnean had grown upon me, and I think he was a good choice for you. Are there healthy children yet? I will be most excited to be an aunt in truth.


I have been wandering the Shadowlands to find your Templars and you. It appears that I have found them, and they have suggested that I write to you, and present myself to the Justicars at their Dawnkeep.


Please put in a good word for me so that I may remember what it is like to hug you again, if you will have me. I apologize again for the state of my flesh. It is not ideal for hugging nor physical contact. 


Your loving sister, 


Insein L’Mort

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