Jenara dug through a box of mementos from years ago as the leader of the Crusaders Of The Lost.  She saw pics of her friends Anthonia, Lunaura, Abron, Julianius, Silvinost and Tink. 

Lingering on the pic of Tink dropping a stink bomb on Anthonia, she smirked a bit as she saw Tink as he used to be and how different the gnome was today, expecting HER first child.  

She moved the pics aside and saw a folded piece of paper underneath. Sighing as she unfolded it, she looked at the poem she had written about a month after Roger had passed away.

The night remains long and dark

So long since I felt your spark

An emptiness dwells within me

A void unfilled completely

Oh how I wish you were here once again

But for now my thoughts drift back to when

Your smile lit up the room for me

Our love we shared unconditionally

I wait for the day when we reunite

A perfect day emerged from darkest night

The day when we are together once more

Our spirits together…will soar.

Kiara walked in to see her mom crying and saw the paper in her mom’s hands.  “He’s always here in our hearts mom.”

Jenara nodded and just stared at the paper, “He’d be proud of what you and Mikal are becoming.”

Kiara smiled, “You know..there’s a poetry competition tomorrow night, maybe you should read that.”

Jenara eyed her daughter and nodded, “That’s…not a bad idea.”

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