“My dearest Marge,

You mean the world…no, not just the world, you mean the universe to me. From the moment of that kiss on the boat, I have been able to think of nothing but you.

Or, almost nothing.

I still feel it – the call of the Void. You are in my heart and soul but its tendrils are wrapped around them and, though I fight, I know that I will succumb to it again. It might not be for years, but it will happen.

I am sorry that I am so weak.

You don’t deserve that.  You don’t deserve this, either, and I am sorry that I suggested getting married when I knew it couldn’t last. I hoped that becoming engaged would somehow…I don’t know, change something inside me, make it easier to ignore the whispers of the Void. But it did not.

So I have taken the only course left to me. It is a gamble and I’m afraid I won’t be myself when you see me again. I might not even remember you for some time. Please know that, somewhere buried deep inside the new me, the real me will be fighting to come back to you, only this time free of the pull of the Void.

I have travelled to Northrend and asked the Lich King to make me into a Death Knight.

I know this seems like a drastic measure but I have been doing research. I have met many Death Knights, including the lovely clothes shop owner on the night we came back together. Remember her? She not only regained her memories, she even turned from Death Knight into some  sort of beacon for the Light. The other Death Knights I talked to were also eventually able to remember many things about their pasts. So that is my plan – I will become a Death Knight, I will forget everything, including the pull of the Void, and eventually I’ll come back to you Void-free. I wish we could fast-forward to that moment.

I told you that my heart is yours, forever, and that is still true, so I have asked them to put it in this box. I will come back for it, and for you, one day. I long for that moment with every vibrant mote of my soul.

I know that this is the second time I have left without saying goodbye. If, after I have returned, you want nothing to do with me, know that I understand. None of this is fair to you. I wish I knew of a better way.

I love you. And I will love you again.

~ Remy.”

The tiny elf thought a moment, then smiled, an unexpected beam that lit up the room. “PS You should have seen their faces when I told them. It was hilarious! Apparently they don’t get many volunteers to be killed and raised again in undeath.”

A pause, then she nodded. “Did you get all of it?”

“I…yes. Do you want me to repeat it?” The courier felt even more uncomfortable than when she had arrived.

“No, I trust you. Thank you again. Just wait here a moment and then someone will bring you a box. Please deliver it after the message.”

“Of course.” The courier watched as the elf turned and left the room almost skipping, incongruously happy. The message rolled around in the courier’s mind and she frowned. It wasn’t her job to comment or judge the messages she was hired to deliver – she just had to deliver them exactly as sent. But this…

The elf’s cold-eyed companion returned alone bearing a small box. He held it out and the courier took it, unable to keep the small shake from her hands. It felt so heavy for such a small box. The Death Knight handed her a small bag of coins and turned away, and the courier gratefully took her leave.

“Last time I accept a job here,” she muttered as she hurried to her gryphon. It gave her an irritable squawk as she mounted and she nodded. “I agree. Let’s get out of this place.”

Moments later, they slid over the mountains and dropped down, hiding the peak of Icecrown from view. Both courier and gryphon felt an immediate sense of relief.

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