Dear Journal

It was a recent hypothesis of mine that a mutual co-habitation arrangement could be created in which Iphram would come to live with me.  I began to postulate that the reasons why such an arrangement would be beneficial should far outweigh the demerits of the situation.

After a few long nights running advanced metrics, calculations and simulations I came to the conclusion that this was the next logical evolution of the relationship between the two of us.  

I broached the subject with Iphram carefully in case he might have reservations about the tweaks to our relationship matrix but he was all grins and agreed that it was likely in our best interest.

So it looks like I’m getting a new roommate, or 12 including all his animal friends.  

I feel the need to document my delectation in how this relationship is proceeding.  We both have accepted the reality of our amourousness and the future our continued affiliation could bring.  I would not be surprised if he initiates an espousal proposal soon.  

That’s such a fancy way of saying I love that man. (A few hearts are drawn around this paragraph)

Life is good.


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