Pharast 13th – After meeting up with some bigwig in Emi’s church, we managed to convince the people in charge of the Necropolis to let us in. I don’t understand these religious types sometimes; instead of checking what your god says about every little thing why not just go DO SOMETHING and do the paperwork later? If it gets the job done and saves lives why complain about the details right?

Anyway, our best lead to find these damned cultists and put them down just happens to be in a walled off city crawling with undead that logically couldn’t keep showing up. Apparently the commander of the guards that sweep this part of the city feels that “faith” and “duty” ensure that none of her troops could possibly be helping these cultists and was right irritated when I (quite reasonably, I feel) expressed concerns that crazy godsdamned cultists don’t give a toss for those things and might seek to join up with the groups hunting them.

This is why I stopped going to temple.

After meeting with the commander, we got a job to hunt down some creepy two-headed zombie dog that some of the guards had seen roaming about. We managed to find it in the shed of an abandoned townhouse after a bit of a false start involving a godsdamned GIANT CENTIPEDE of all things that was nesting in what looked like it had once been a swimming pool. We managed to kill it but it chomped on poor Chiro pretty bad and took a bite out of me before I could hit the deck. Starting to worry that this batch of gunpowder is bad; I swear I saw a couple shots just bounce off the hide of the beastie. 

After the centipede, the dog was a bit of a relief. Emi had the great idea of using fire to weaken it before Chiro, Squiggles and I put it down. I’m really starting to like that goofy snake-thing; offered to rig up a pistol it could fire from its hat but Squiggles felt it would damage his hat too much.

After that excitement we decided to head back and deliver the dog heads to the commander. Then I introduced everyone to Uncle Petyr’s Famous Pepper Sauce™. Chiro and Squiggles really seemed to like it! I’ll get them each a bottle next time I’m back home: You can’t find a decent pepper sauce on this side of the inner sea for love nor money.

-BUY EMI A GODSDAMNED CROSSBOW. I don’t care if it is “heavy” or “Not shiny enough”, that girl needs to learn how to shoot.

-Buy Chiro some darts or something. She’s tough but sometimes punching just ain’t the answer.

-Buy Lini a crossbow, too. Maybe she’ll open up a little if she can shoot the monsters instead of hiding behind Squiggles. It’ll be good for her self esteem probably.

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  • Ari
    January 2, 2018 at 6:47 pm
    Crossbows! Oh, the days of tabletop being a low-level ranger. My shots would always hit but not do a single lick of damage. This seemed to be the opposite problem. A crossbow should do the trick! Thanks for sharing the Pathfinder adventures. :D
  • cael
    January 3, 2018 at 1:20 pm
    LOL, she's a monk! Punching is /always/ the answer! Besides, crossbows take like a full turn to reload and shit. Not worth it lol.
  • January 5, 2018 at 6:36 pm
    @cael You load before combat, shoot on your first turn then move to melee AFTER Squiggles to get that sweet flanking bonus. Or you use shuriken or javelins.

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