Ambrosine sat down to write a letter, seeing as how she had nothing else to do.

Well, no. She had plenty of other things to do but her horse, Valiant, had laid down and refused to get up as soon as he saw the saddle. He was not enjoying being back in full work, demons and all.

“You’re an asshole,” she said to his beautiful but thick golden head.

He snorted.

“Don’t backtalk me.”

She managed to find something flat to write on, a piece of paper only slightly crumpled, and a pencil that wasn’t too dull.

Aunne, my friend–

I think I need your help. Lacking Rue and Woe, I’ve been making use of…second hand blades, so to speak. And while they’re fine and powerful swords, they’re also not really comfortable for me to use. Mahaara was a little bit larger than I am, you understand.

My current status with the Ebon Blade being what it is (read: bad), I’m at a loss as to how to replace Rue and Woe. Could you maybe help me come up with some ideas? My memory of the forging of the originals is a…little fuzzy.

And there’s not too many people I can talk this over with, you understand.


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