[A report is written on a scrap of parchment that somehow finds it's way into the Justicar's pocket, because Ana is a terrible person with a worse sense of humor. The tone is jovial, and the contents very useful indeed.]


Yo, Bosslady. 


Did that looking we talked about. Templars are clean, minus the usual shenanigannery associated with a few particular individuals; we've done a good job, there, probably due to the high concentration of very motivated demon hunters and paladins. We're good like that. Our neighbors ain't so clean. They've wised up, those sneaky demon assholes, but I've seen traces and more-than-traces of fel magic where it shouldn't fucking be. My guess is they're doing what I would do: shifting to regular old fashioned spying and blackmail and corruption and all that good jazz, using all the new reinforcements for cover to get thier people in and out. If it were me I'd find these guys and contain them for now, question them, whatever. Some I followed, recorded, got hard evidence, some I'm only suspicious of. Here's a list. 


[From here, a list of names and suspicious activities, from outright confirmation of spies in the midst to mere uncanny coincidences. It's brutally thorough, and very clear that Ana knows what she's doing to a frightening degree.]


Dunno how much you wanna get into the rest of the Legionfall army's beeswax, but I figured you ought to know for our sake, anyways. Don't have too much fun without letting me know how it goes.


And my offer still stands. There's an age old agade. If you're having a problem with a man… remember, no man, no problem. ;D [That is an actual little winky face drawn on the scrap of parchment.]I know you're a paladin and justice and honor and all that and you'll probably want to go through the chains of command, hence this report instead of actual shankage. I'm mostly just checking. I did this all the time in Stormwind, after all. 


One more thing. Heard from the old rumor mill that the Legion has prisoner ships. I surely would love a chance to do some good old fashioned fuck-em-ups, badass style: infiltration and explosions. I'll even rescue the prisoners while I'm there and make us all look more fabulous than we already are. 


Lemme know how that sounds, yeah? I'd offer bribery if I knew what form was likely to work on you (chances are none, but still). 


Your humble (delightfully UNbored, thank you for giving me room to stretch my wings) eyes in the dark, 



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