A letter addressed to Justicar Arialynn, found stuck to Captain Blackwald’s back after the “group date”.

Dearest Justicar, I hope this letter finds you well. I just spent a lovely evening socializing with the fine members of your guild. I’m humbled by their kindness and generosity toward a stranger such as myself. 

As you may know, I’m a stranger to your land, having only joined the Alliance during the Pandaria campaign. I must confess, I was apprehensive about leaving the Wandering Isle to see the world and its people after such a long time in seclusion. The other races of Azeroth have been so welcoming to the Pandaren and I feel truly blessed to have my world expanded beyond the confines of Shen-zin Su. You have made your world our world, and that means more to me than you can ever know.

Of late I’ve had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of several of your Templars of the Rose. They are a colorful and unusual collection of brave and honorable soldiers that I’m sure serve you well. I envy the camaraderie of such a group and would be proud to call them allies as we face the Burning Legion together.

I don’t know if you’ve had time to consider my application to the Templars, but I appreciate your consideration. If you decide I’m not a fit for your organization, I will be disappointed but I will understand. In that event, you can still count on me to fight alongside you brave warriors at any given opportunity because I believe you to be one of the best hopes this world has.

If you wish to correspond with me, I will be around Dalaran. You can also pass messages through Captain Blackwald as he and I are becoming fast friends. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your sister in arms,

Lei Pan

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