The slim elf strode through the streets of Stormwind with an easy confidence, her expression set as if on a singular purpose. Passers-by would glance at her and move on, her style of clothing seemingly not the norm for her kind, as any sign of exposed skin was hidden underneath layers of clothing. Stopping at the inn inside the Old Town district, she moved to speak to the Innkeeper, Maegan Tillman. “I’d like a room for the night,” the elf spoke plainly. She slid a single gold coin across the counter.

“Of course milady. Welcome to the Pig and Whistle.” Maegan replied with a blank expression on her face. She takes the coin and secrets it in her dress.

The Elf turned to leave without another word and strode back onto the cobblestone streets. Stopping at a tailor’s shop, she walked in and set a single golden coin on the table by a seamstress. The coin looked unremarkable, save for a figure and script stamped on it. The seamstress stopped and looked at the coin for a moment, then rose and headed to the back of the store. The elf followed silently. Upon opening the doors to the storeroom, the seamstress walked away, pocketing the coin. “Ah Lady Tainna, how good to see you once again,” a voice echoed out from behind a stack of fabric. Stepping out, the man smiled at her genuinely. “What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“I need some clothes made.” she replied.

“Ah, is this a social call?” he inquired.


“Is this for day, or for evening?”

“I need one for day, and one for night.”

“In what style?”


“How many buttons?”


“The trousers?”


“How about the enchant?”

“Warding versus arrows and thrown weapons.”

The man hands her a scrap of cloth. It is layered with some kind of material sandwiched between. “Dream dust with Essence of Magic, and a Glowing Shard as a binder. Undetectable, highly resistant to dispelling, and no penetration. However,” he makes a hissing sound as if in pain, “it can be quite painful.”

She nods. “Can you craft this tonight?”

“Of course. Where would you like it sent to?” He replied.

“The Inn.”


Tainna makes her way across town to the nobles’ quarter, and enters an upscale wine shop. “Is the Master Sommelier in?” she inquired of the man at the counter.

“I have never known him not to be.” he answered. Gesturing to the rack behind him, he pulls a hidden lever. The section of all rotates inward, revealing a tunnel down and behind the shop.

She follows the passageway until it ends a large dimly-lit room. It has racks and racks of displayed weapons, all ready for one purpose: to kill. A very-well dressed male night elf is inspecting one, and turns at her arrival.

“Lady Tainna. This is an unexpected pleasure. It has been quite some time.”

“I would like a tasting.” She states.

“Of course. I remember how much you favor the daggers, so I recommend the paired set of Sentinel’s Blades.” Taking two down from the wall near him, he sets them on the table and watches her pick them up. She spins them around in her fingers as he continues. “Perfectly balanced, with notches in the hilts for poison. Also very easy to conceal.” She nods in acceptance.

“I’ll need something for the main course. Something bold and easy to digest.”

“Bold,” he echoes thinking for a moment. “May I suggest then an Azure Lightblade paired with Gutgore Ripper. Both are quite obvious when drawn, and I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the dual blood gutters on the ripper should it get … stuck.”

She picks them both up, inspecting the blade surfaces and again spins them around testing their weight. She nods again. “What about dessert?”

He gives her a look as if he was waiting for that very question. Opening a box on the table, he responds, “The finest in thrown weapons. All precious metals, and enchanted to keep a poison coating even in the harshest climate.” He pulls aside a cloth covering in the box, revealing shruiken, darts, and small daggers.

“Very well done, Master Sommelier.” She hands over several gold coins, each stamped with an icon and script.

“Should I send all this to the Inn for you?” he inquires.

“Yes. Thank you.” Tainna turns to leave and he calls out to her.

“Oh and Lady Tainna… Enjoy your party.”

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