((This entry would have been written after the Templars opened their portal.))


I have finally reconnected with everyone. They have set up a decent staging area for our future plans but it will not be enough if the Iron Horde should come at us directly. With that thought we have managed to reconnect with our world and perhaps we can start bolstering our forces and supplies. We are limited to what we can send through it would seem but it is still a start.


This Portal is both a gift and a problem. We must now defend this portal at all times. If the Iron Horde should find out about it, we can be sure they would be at our doorstep in no time. I have offered to defend the portal as I do not sleep often or sometimes at all. It will give the enemy very few opportunities to get past me.


Other discussions today have made me think about this alternate world we are in. Perhaps if we stop the legion here, stop the invasion, prevent the scourge, we could change the fate of my alternate self. If the Burning Legion never attacks I… well my other self would never die at the Battle of Hyjal and past that there would be no Lich King to raise me from my grave. Too bad our reality cannot be fixed in such a way.


It still affects me greatly thinking of that battle, my last breaths before succumbing but it my rest would not last. Ripped from the grave, and forced to do horrible things, I only hope that we can changed the fate of my other self. My existence is not one that needs to happen twice. This world… it is almost like a second chance, and not only for me. I wonder if many of our Draenei Templars are considering staying here. I know I have, if for nothing more than to make sure the Legion falls at every attempt.


Kristiell Swiftraven

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