Recently I have had more time to take notice of this world, Draenor. I had mostly ignored it while fighting my way through the Iron Horde. However now that I stop to look at this world I find myself enjoying it. Something about it, and it’s still mostly wild landscape, makes me consider staying here. Although I know that the only way I will be able to do that is if we can truly change history.


            Azeroth has faced so much destruction and it seems every time it starts to heal someone has to interfere. I worry that this will be the same for Draenor, we will save it once and then before long another attempt will be made. The Burning legion never rests and all they know is destruction. Maybe it’s all the more reason for me to stay on Draenor, at least that way I can always be ready for their return.


            I know I could never truly stay here though; too many I care about back on Azeroth that I would have to abandon. This world is beautiful but Azeroth has many sights to see as well. I could never just abandon my true home for another. Perhaps there is a way to instead prepare this world to teach the people of this world to band together. It seems so impossible with the Iron Horde breathing down everyone’s necks but we should remember that even Grom Hellscream was a hero before the end. Let us hope that this Grom can find that in himself too and before the Burning Legion takes advantage of all the fighting.


            I sometimes worry that we may drive the Iron Horde to desperation. If we push them too hard, will they succumb to Gul’Dan? Will they use his power? I hope for their sakes and ours that they do not. If the Iron Horde gets cornered, let us hope they have the strength to resist, and that we can truly change history.


-Kristiell Swiftraven

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