((Written sometime after the mission in to the Everbloom Wilds.))

The Botani are strange creatures, they are extremely aggressive to anything that is not a plant. I wonder sometimes if it is because creatures like us have always attacked and damaged their forests. I know that if it was the forests of Ashenvale that I too would be angry. However they seem to be unwilling to talk or communicate in anyway. This makes them a problem that must be fixed.


It is weird for me to dwell so much on my enemy, I never used to care enough to think why they are doing what they are doing. It was enough for me to realize they are hurting people and they must be destroyed. Now I prefer to understand them, see things from their side, and perhaps with that avoid killing. I guess I am not just killing machine after all.

Though it would seem others have only ever thought of me as an emotionless killing machine, I aim to prove them wrong. When Zen decided to point out my emotions coming forward and acting like it was some sort of problem, I had a strange urge to punch him. Typically insults never really affected me in the past. I’ll have to be sure to keep check of my emotions now as well. I personally don’t see why he was so shocked by the way I was acting.


Hopefully I have not put the others on edge by my sudden change in personality. I know with all the kidnappings and other strange happenings it might look suspicious. None of them need fear me, in fact if anything they should know now that with emotion I care more than ever about everyone’s safety. I just can’t let it affect my judgment in combat situations.


This is becoming an interesting change in this existence, hopefully it is all for the best.


We may soon be assaulting another stronghold here in Draenor of one of our enemies, this one far more dangerous than the last. We must push back these forces on all fronts however if we hope to protect our homes. The Iron Horde must never get a chance to rebuild and regroup. I fear for all worlds if they ever figure out how to use portals without having Gul’dan as their conduit.


There is much work to be done still, and as always I will be ready for the battles to come, no matter what I may be feeling.

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