((This would be written at the first wave through the Portal, I just haven't had the time to type anything up prior))

The Portal was in front of and we had our mission. I just wonder how many died in that initial push. But yet it would seem that I'll just keep living this cursed life. At least my power can do something for this world. I was cutting down Orc after Orc though they seemed endless. I had to focus, put my hatred to work, otherwise I would be overwhelmed. I fought with the others, pushing towards what powered these gates. Freeing an evil to stop and evil. Let us hope that it was the best course of action.


We had to retreat farther after closing the portal. The orcs gave chase, I killed as many as came near me. It would seem they do not fear death, I suppose it is at least easier that way when they recklessly throw themselves at my sword. We don't have time to make camps or rest. Many of us have been scattered, likely dead, but for now I will keep that thought pushed aside. Cutting through the Jungles, we must find somewhere to regroup if we hope to stand against this "Iron Horde".


There are Draenei here, and thankfully for us they are friendly. These might be the allies we need to turn this battle around. I wonder if any of their scouts know if its true, whether they know if Garrosh is leading the Orcs or at least aiding them. If he is, then at least there is still a chance for him to face true justice at the edge of a blade like he deserves. Revenge will need to wait however, Soldiers and a foothold, that must come first. I suppose a way home would be nice as well, though more for the others than me.


If the last actions I have in this cursed life is to destroy that monster and his "Iron Horde" than I will. I have long hoped for such a worth death.


Kristiell Swiftraven

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