[Written in careful, childlike writing, found in her motorcycle’s cupholder: a letter, written on a spare bit of paper.]




Hello. This is Cael. I am writing to tell you thank you agien for the necklase. It means a lot to me. I can not tell you how much. You gave me my brother back. Thank you. 


I thought maybe we could do letters. I need practise writing some. I have [scratchout] learned how to spell better than I used to and I am better with my words but I am still learning things. Writing and words are hard and I need practise. 


How are you today? I helped the Krokool by killing two panthera so they would have food. Food is good. They are our allis so I want them to be happy and not being hungry is a good step. 


I have found an egg. I do not know what it is. It was left alone. It is warm and green spotted and hard. I do not know what it is. The druids are too busy to help it so I gess I am going to help it. I put it in a warm box because I [scratchout] read eggs need to be kept warm. 


I am finding pretty flowers around. I like flowers and gardening. I did not think any thing good grew here but I was wrong and I am happy to be wrong. 


I hope you are well and killing lots of demons. Please be safe. 


My guard shift is soon so I am going now. 



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