I do not know if this is important but I think it might be a good thing for you to know [scratchout] because you are the leader of the Templars. 

I helped some demon hunters, a group called NETHERBANE, stop a mind control cult from doing bad things. We killed the leader and saved all but one of the [scratchout] people they had. I think I did ok, because they seemed to be happy with me and us by [scratchout] proxy. We have helped them once before when Elishtar Fanglade (who is my friend now) was looking for her daughter, and one of our mages scryed her out. 

I do not know if they will call on us in the future but I told them we were very good at killing demons so maybe they will. And we need to all work together to stop the LEgion, right? 

I am sorry for bothering you. I thought you should know. 


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