[In Cael's careful, childish lettering, there's a short addendum to her report on her recent patrol. It's… interesting.]




My patrol was [scratchout] a success but some thing happened and I think I should tell you about it. The high spot on the rige above the Fel Fire Pass is not good any more or for a few days at least. There was a S-Eye Seven woman there with a mechanical dog. Her name was Joilinn Tallant. She was not scary at first but then she was and I thought she might kill me but then she said I was a kicked puppy and did not kill me which was nice of her. I think we were ok by the end. She said she used to hunt worgen in Gilneas and she [scratchout scratchout scratchout] did not like me much at first but she did not mean to be a [scratchout scratchout] lady dog even if she was one. That is fine. I did not write the bad word because this is an official report. I am pretty sure she will not kill worgens for fun if there are demons or if worgens are just sitting there. Mostly sure. I think. But she also shot a demon from the rige so the demons know about the rige now. 


I ran and got away before they found me and I think she did too. 


Some thing bad could happen if some of the other worgen found her and things were not clearly explained though. She does not trust worgen very much more than she trusts demons I think. It is hard to be mad at her for that if she was in Gilneas when the worgen were all feral and bad. I am glad she did not try to kill me though. 


I did not know if this was important but it felt important to know about the rige so I am telling you. 



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