Ambrosine grew suspicious when she closed her eyes for a moment and the rest of her meal vanished. Or well, the steak portion had.


She’d been eating outside, trying to divine some peace from the trees. She was a prairie girl at heart but…sometimes, it was better than stone walls.


“Schneeflocke,” Ambrosine said, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. “You’re not suppose to be in the Fort. But then that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Somehow you knew.”


The pale, guileless face of the snow leopard peeked out from under the table. 


Cat go where cat want. 


Ambrosine started. No, she hadn’t drunk that much ale. “Did you just…?”


The leopard blinked slowly, then left the table and slunk over to a nearby tree. She didn’t climb it nearly as slowly as the death knight thought the old cat should. Up, up, and…gone, into the canopy.


“…no.” Surely not?

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